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Despite being the shortest month of the year, we had a jam-packed February with over 16 reviews, podcasts, and more released throughout the month. In this month's round-up we take a look back at some of the highlights along with a few news items as we head into March and start doing some spring cleaning. Let's dance!
Ten Things To Check Out From February 2022
at Doctors of Running

1. The Science of Percussion Therapy

Recovery gear has become a central point of discussion for runners in the past few years as the active recovery game as become almost as important as the running side of things. As we push ourselves harder than ever before, we at Doctors of Running are interested in exploring tools that we use - and don't use - clinically this year in an effort to better understand all the products available today. This week, David Salas talks about some products from Hyperice and digs into science of massage therapy.

2. DOR Giving, February 2022: City on a Hill

Each month at DOR starting in 2022, a member of our team selects a charity of their choice to donate 10% of our monthly profits to. This month Senior Contributor Nathan Brown selected City on a Hill for our monthly giving! 
From City on a Hill about their work:
“Located in the heart of Milwaukee - America's 5th poorest city, where nearly 68,000 children are living in poverty - City on a Hill's vision is to break the cycle of generational poverty and bring transformation to central city neighborhoods.“
This past week we donated 10% of our earnings - $202.06 - to the organization to help support the work they do! Visit for more information. Please let us know if you decide to also help support the cause this year! We’d love to hear and give you a shoutout.

3. Craft Sportswear Spring 2022

Craft Sportswear is a Swedish company best known for their Nordic performance clothing. In recent years, they've decided to raise the bar on their running division by introducing their road/trail hybrid line of shoes and signing several big names in the ultra marathon world. We got our first big leap into Craft this past month with reviews of the CTM line, which we came away extremely impressed with. Find the reviews here:

Craft CTM Ultra 2
Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel
Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2

4. Trail Shoe Season is Upon Us

Many long time readers know we love trails and are willing to run in just about anything to go through them (ANYTHING). We, however, also love trail shoes and were excited to get some pretty great ones in to kick off the year. Find them here:

Hoka Speedgoat 5 - An immensely comfortable long run trail shoe
Hoka Tecton X - One of the few plated options for your trail running, a dynamic option for race day
Saucony Peregrine 12 - A light and nimble option
Topo MTN Racer 2 - A late review for us, but a fantastic trail shoe from Topo that would have topped our 2021 list

5. Monthly Q&A #1: Is IT Band Syndrome a "hip" issue?

Question: Dear DORs, I have seen your YouTube talk about running on rockered soles - amazing and very informative. I would be really grateful if you could tell me please whether IT Band Syndrome is considered a "hip issue". I have been running in Asics Noosa Tri 13 lately for almost all my runs with great results. (I like firmer shoes like Matt). But you have said rockered soles are not best for people with hip issues, since rockered soles move the force to the upper legs and hip. Hence my question about the ITBS that sometimes wakes up in me (I am treating it though, glut strength and sport therapist massage). I also overpronate a bit, but don't like support shoes. Following your stable neural shoes guide, I have just purchased Mach 4 for the long and recovery runs. I wonder whether it would be best to put Noosa 13 aside for a while if it aggrevates my ITBS. Thanks so very much!!!!!!

Response: Great question! ITB syndrome can actually refer to a few locations of pain (one being the lateral/outside of the hip and the other the outside of the knee). Depending where your pain is, that changes what may be the root causes. However, the ITB is connected to two him muscles (tensor fascia lattae and gluteus Maximus). Usually issues with these two muscles, combined with a few other factors, are what can lead to some pain at either of the locations that I mentioned before.  Good to hear you’re working on strength! We’ve found that strengthening for ITBS needs to be very specific and done with very precise form to make sure compensations aren’t actually worsening the root cause. Working on the hip is a great thing. Also considering working on quadriceps/HS is a good idea as well as the hip adductors, which are the antagonistic muscle that helps stabilize.

- Senior Contributor Nathan Brown

6. Monthly Q&A #2: Dealing with Haglund's

Question: I recently listened to the pod on running with Achilles pain. I have Haglund’s, on the medial side not on the back of my heel. In the talk you mentioned plated shoes can help with Achilles recovery. My question is are there any with soft heel counters or do you recommend modifying shoes?
I run some road but mostly trail and like to do a 100 miler every year. The Haglund’s started this last fall so this will be my first year running with it. I’m trying to avoid the bone shaving surgery at least for now. Any other tips to keep my heel happy would be greatly appreciated.

The most recent one we would suggest is the Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2 which is a hybrid road/trail ultramarathon shoe that features a carbon plate, rockered sole and no heel counter. It is probably the best one that combines all the things we know unloads the Achilles and haglund area: a rockered sole, a carbon plate and some higher heel drop. For road, the Adidas Prime X and Adios Pro 2 both have well rockered and plated soles (with a higher heel drop). I would not suggest those for trail however.

The Saucony Endorphin Pro 1 or 2 is another great plated road option that has no  true heel counter. It is the shoe I continued to do workouts in when dealing with some insertional achilles issues which aggravated my haglund deformity.

However, there are few shoes out there that don't have a heel counter or a softer one. Especially trail shoes. This is why my number one pick would be the Craft CTM ultra Carbon 2!

- Chief Editor Matt Klein

Have a question you'd like answered in our next round-up? Let us know at

7. Battling Posterior Tibialis Pain

This past month we tackled a lesser discussed, but prominent pain that many runners deal with - posterior tibial pain. We sat down to talk about how the issues develop, how we tend to treat it and of course, what shoes we recommend for dealing with this kind of symptom.

Listen to the full podcast on the run here. Follow us on Apple, Spotify, or Anchor to keep up with our weekly podcast!

8. Best Deals at Running Warehouse

Our friends at Running Warehouse have some really cool deals going on right now for folks looking for everything daily trainers to their next racing shoe. Here are a few of our favorites we've spotted. Note: the following are affiliate links that support Doctors of Running.

Skechers GoRun Razor Excess
Deal: $9
| Review

A really nice rockered ride that's versatile for daily and long runs.

Hoka Rincon 2
Deal: $91.88
| Review

People looking for a simple daily trainer that can do a bit of everything, this is a great pickup for the price. Check the review to make sure its fit would suit your tastes.

BOA 1' Split Shorts
Deal: $36.88
| Review

Get ready for the warmer months with this excellent deal for Chief Editor Matt Klein's favorite shorts.

9. The Most Versatile Winter Running Piece of Headgear | Running Gadget of the Month

Wait, not this kind of buff

$14.88=17.88 at Running Warehouse

For long time runners, a buff is nothing new. The thing about buffs is that they are extremely versatile for covering different parts of your head as needed. Whether it's keeping your neck warm, catch some sweat off your brows, or wrapping around your full head and face for chilly wind protection, a buff can be an absolute lifesaver in your cool weather arsenal.

10. Updates, Updates, Updates

A look at all the latest review updates at Doctors of Running from the past month! Even after we post a review, we like to go back and add more thoughts or new voices. These are some of the highlights this past month.

Puma Velocity Nitro 2 - One of the best stable neutral trainers returns, better than ever. Update from David Salas
Asics Nimbus 24 Review - Social Media Wizard Bach Pham provides a 75 mile update on the new midsole.
On Cloudace Review - Our social media wizard Bach Pham adds his thoughts to the stability trainer.

Coming Soon at DOR

We're not going to lie. 2022 has been a devastatingly tragic month with the current events in the world, some of which we expect will have a big impact on things moving forward, including in the running shoe industry. Whether you are near or far, we hope you are safe and sound.

Have questions? Send us an email at

Thanks for reading!

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