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Photo zooms in on the Endorphin Speed 2 with Nathan faux measuring it with a ruler. A skeleton leg is in the shoe
Ankle sprains are a common running injury we see among clients, or that occur and people don't seek care at all. In today's episode we are taking a deep dive into ankle sprain classification/rehab, discuss the likelihood of shoes being a causative factor of pain and how you can tell, and consider who may actually benefit from "super shoes" (as well as what "benefit" really means). Also, you'll get a sneak peek at a shoe that Founder Matt Klein is currently testing.

Listen on the Run


intro - 00:00
Shoes we're testing - 01:38
Ankles: 03:30
Ankle Anatomy: 5:54
How long do i have to take off running, Understanding degrees of ankle sprain: 9:40
Managing ankle sprains: 22:50
Emphasizing seeing a professional: 31:50
Who should you get checked by: 33:56
Mailbag: Do Shoes Cause Injury: 35:00
Overvaluing footwear: 45:25
When does it make sense to get super shoes: 48:00

Ankle Sprain Notes

There are three grades of ankle sprains:

Grade 1: Soreness in ankle, some possible light swelling. Typically weight bearing still feels okay. Turnaround tends to be within one-three days depending on the individual.
Grade 2: Tissue is stretched. There can be a partial tear. The ankle will be bruised and there will be some discoloration. Moderate pain during weight bearing. There will be a lack of mobility. Typical recovery lasts one to two weeks.
Grade 3:
This is a tear, such as an ACL tear in the knee which is commonly seen in professional sports. All elements of Grade 2 is amplified. Repair isn't always needed, depending on the person's goal. Returning to running can sometimes take 3-4 weeks.

A large portion of sprains will be in the lower ankle. High ankle sprains tend to be more rare

***Please see an Ortho Physical Therapist for more guidance on ankle sprains and returning to activity.

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