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Running Movement Impairments: Pelvic Drop

Pelvic drop, often referred to by some of my patients as the "sexy walk" is not sexy at all.  In fact, it is a very common running and walking movement impairment that places many structures at risk including the lumbar spine, hip, knee and pelvis for injury.  It also is a tremendous zapper of energy, efficiency and speed.  This is something I see frequently with my elite runners when they tell me something feels off and they aren't hitting their splits.

I have posted this image before of the pelvic drop that occurs with my right weight bearing.  When I get this under control, there is a noticeable increase in speed, endurance and efficiency.  When I don't... then things start to fall apart.   


Pelvic drop is defined as a unilateral drop in height of the pelvis in the frontal plane.  It usually occurs contralateral to the side of weakness.  So if the left side is problematic, the right side of the pelvis will drop during weight bearing on the left s…

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