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Altra Paradigm 4.0 Review

Altra has a special place in my heart.  Years ago when I was experimenting with minimal running shoes, I still remember getting my first pair of Altra Instincts.  It was awesome to finally have a zero drop trainer that had enough cushion to protect my legs from my +100 mile weeks (college) but still had everything I wanted in regards to shape and drop.  I went through 9-10 pairs until finally my lack of knowledge regarding achilles health at the time (being in college) steering me back toward traditional running shoes.  Fast forward to my current knowledge base, I made the plunge back into Altra with appropriate achilles, calf and foot/ankle preparation and the Paradigm 4 has been like meeting and old friend that has absolutely transformed.  The EGO midsole, the guide rails, the improved flexibility (even in a "max cushion" shoe) is a clear demonstration of the evolution that is Altra.  Let's jump into what makes this a unique shoe. 

Specifications (per Running Warehous…

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