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Running Movement Impairments: Lateral Trunk Lean

A common and easily identifiable running movement impairment is excessive trunk motion.  The more common one is lateral trunk lean, which is seen in extremes in the recreational athletes all the way to more subtle movement as fatigue sets in with elite athletes.  Many attribute this to core weakness, but the actual source may be elsewhere.  While core stability, or control as it should more appropriately be called, is indeed important for athletic movement, what is missed is whether that excessive motion is the source of the problem or a symptom. 

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Lateral trunk lean is defined as excessive frontal plane trunk flexion and/or spinal motion.  This is generally observed as a trunk lean to the ipsilateral (same side) stance limb.  It is rare to see contralateral lean except potentially in the presence of a significant pelvic drop.  The peak motion of this event usually occurs at midstance (body over weight bearing limb) and begins after or du…

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