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Racing Updates from the DOR team!

2021 Season
4/2/2021 - Westmont 3K: Special shoutout to our boy DJ! He crushed it Friday in his first track meet in five years, winning his 3k race in the Hoka Speed Evo R with a blistering 8:50:25. Let’s goooooo! Also shoutout to recent podcast guest Val Weilert going 1-2 with her teammate in the Women’s 3k as well!!

1/4/2021 - DJ Joins the Hoka Aggies!:We’re super excited that our contributor David Salas will be competing for HOKA Aggies Running Club in 2021! (Never fear, he’ll still be continuing his work with Doctors of Running.) We’re incredibly proud and excited to follow David’s journey with the team. Congrats DJ!! #tarokoooomydude #timetofly

Past Efforts
Dr. Klein - Los Angeles, California
Pasadena Half Marathon - 1:15:15 2rd Overall
Highland Y 5k - 16:34 2nd Overall
Dairy Aire 5k - 16:21 1st Overall
OC Marathon Elite Field

Dr. Brown - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Dr. Salas - Santa Barbara, California
ULV Alumni Meet 3k: 9:19 ; 400m: 55.6s
USATF Cross Country Championships 10k: 36:07, 55th overall
Hulda Trail Half Marathon: 1:47:25, 1st overall, 2600 ft elevation gain
Run Through Redlands 5k: 16:04, 1st overall
Orange County Marathon: Elite field

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