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DOR Podcast #104: What to Do If Your Knees Do Hurt on the Run: A Primer on Patellar Tendinopathy

We know from the research that running isn't bad for our knees, but that doesn't mean we won't pick up knee injuries every once in a while. Patellar Tendinopathy is one of the most common ailments for runners. The knee is critical in the gait cycle, so is easily effected. Nate, Matt, and DJ discuss chronic tendon pain in the knee: its anatomy, symptoms, and risk factors. They give you tips for rehabbing the patellar tendon so you can get back to running consistently. Finally, of course, they cover what types of shoes can influence the tendon.

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The Subjective:
 What is your favorite easy day shoe?

0:00 - Intro 
1:48 - The Subjective: what's your favorite easy day shoe? 
15:02 - Patellar Tendinopathy: anatomy review 
20:10 - Tendinitis vs. Tendinopathy 
22:05 - Diagnosing patellar tendinopathy 
26:27 - Risk factors
36:00 - Rehabbing patellar tendinopathy: load it 
49:32 - Things to avoid when recovering from tendinopathy 
53:00 - Knees over toes? 
55:58 - The impact of shoes on the patellar tendon 
1:00:28 - Wrap-up

Science Weekly: How Often Should I Fuel?
By Guest Writer Jennifer Giles, RDN

These are the most common questions I get from my athletes when it comes to sports nutrition.  You obviously need to fuel before and after a run…but do you need to fuel DURING a run?

Let’s break it down. In general if you are going to be running over 90 minutes, you may need to take in fuel during the run. I would especially recommend this if you are training for a marathon. I say this because you need to practice what you will be taking in when you will be racing. This way you will know that it works for you!  If you are running an easy run, short run, recovery run or short higher intensity run, you most likely do not need fuel during your run as long as you are well fueled before your run. Providing your body with nutrients going into the run is the key to these runs.

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