Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Stuart Jenkins has had a long career in the shoe industry, including working on Reebok's Energaire.
Today to the roundtable we welcome Stuart Jenkins, a seasoned innovator in the running shoe industry who has worked with independent inventors across brands, led Deckers' innovation team, and now has started BLUMAKA. We dive into what he has found makes innovation work and how companies can fail at innovation, all while considering his newest endeavor with BLUMAKA, which has a focus on high performing and sustainably produced product with foam created out of a majority of recycled material. Hear his initial takes on sustainability in the run shoe industry and things to consider as inventors and innovators.
The team with Stuart Jenkins for this week's podcast
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Listener discretion advised: please note that there is swearing in this episode of the Doctors of Running Virtual Roundtable.

Konnect Insole Adds 2mm to the heel
Konnect seen in Nimbus 24
Konnect in hand. Shows height in heel vs forefoot.
Underside of the Konnect
Upper of Konnect features "microgrip" which attaches to sock tightly
On the Blumaka KONNECT, by David Salas

Blumaka KONNECT is a performance oriented insole made up of 85% recycled materials with the aim to better connect the foot to the platform of the shoe. It increases the friction coefficient on the both the contact and underside to prevent any slippage when using it. It does create a little more heat than some insoles because of the friction but does well with keeping the foot in contact with medial/lateral movements. There has been some reported success throughout team sports in usage of Blumaka. With linear running it may still be too early to tell if there is a noticeable performance benefit but the foam itself is constructed well and more cushioned than most insoles of the same height. Blumaka is a company looking to decrease their carbon fiber footprint and improve waste utilization for performance.

To learn more about BLUMAKA, visit For 20% off your first order, use promo code DOR20 (note that we do not receive a kickback for these purchases, it is simply a discount for our listeners).

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