Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Hey runners! The sun is shining and the temps are rising. We made it through March and we got a full slate of action coming in April to kick off the Spring. Before we do, let's take a look back at everything that went down at Doctors of Running this past month.

We had a record amount of reviews this time around with fourteen drops in March including our first exclusive video review. We also had four podcast episodes and a huge expansion of our YouTube with first impression videos, the introduction of Doctor's Corner, and more Q&A videos. On top of this we also had some huge news on our team as our very own founder Matt Klein officially became a full time faculty member at Stanbridge University!

We're keeping insanely busy here and are excited to be bringing you even more new content ahead as we keep expanding.


Daily Trainers
361 Fierce - New daily trainer from the 361 brand
Asics Noosa Tri 13 - The triathlete special, featuring an upper built for sockless running and a platform shared with the EvoRide 2. All built on the coolest design ever.
Skechers Go Run Razor Excess - The beloved Razor picks up a few mm to create a versatile, super light trainer for daily miles and the long haul
Karhu Fusion 2021 - Refitted with an upper built to fit many foot types, the new Karhu comes with a smooth ride thanks to a well done bevel and tweaked fulcrum
Adidas Ultraboost 21 - The Ultraboost gets redesigned with a  new torsion system and even more boost than ever before
Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 - The premium stability trainer from Mizuno gains an Enerzy midsole mixed in with their three layers to create the softest Horizon ever. A very smooth, very stable ride
Hoka One One Mach 4 - The all new, much anticipated Mach arrives as one of Hoka's best yet. A natural trainer that can do a large number of workouts any day of the week
On Cloudswift 2.0 - This Ultraboost competitor gets several great updates including a new recylced upper and more cushioned ride than its predecessor 
Puma Deviate Elite Nitro - One of the most exciting drops of the early Spring season, we can't get over how energetic and fun Puma's first true carbon plated racer is

Brooks Caldera 5 - The Caldera comes back with a clean new upper and the same classic, highly cushioned platform that's made it a trail monster for years
The North Face Flight Vectiv - TNF hits the running market with a bold new plated racer

Puma Deviate Nitro Elite
- A standout for 2021, an incredibly natural, responsive racer from Puma that goes toe to toe with Nike racing
Asics Magic Speed - The first of three major super shoes in the new Asic line, merging Flytefoam Blast with Guidesole and a carbon plate to create some Magic 

Deckers x Lab Recovery Footwear, X-SCAPE and KO-Z Collection - Recovery footwear meets lifestyle. Deckers combines the minds from Hoka, Ugg, and Teva to deliver some seriously comfortable footwear built to help you get comfortably to your next run


Asics Noosa Tri 13 Q&A
Asics Tartheredge 2 Review
Skechers Razor Excess Q&A
Puma Deviate Nitro Elite: First Impressions Run
Asics Magic Speed and Metaspeed Sky First Look | Metaspeed Edge Info

EP 39: What Makes a Good Running Coach, with Dave Ames
Apple YouTube
Today we had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Coach Dave Ames of Ame For It Run Coaching. Dave addresses many audiences including prospective run coaches, new run coaches, and then people seeking a run coach. Listen to find out what makes a someone a good run coach and what to look for if you're trying to find your own run coach. We also dive into where Physical Therapy and Run Coaching merge together and how their unique, divergent skill sets should be utilized. Spoiler: this is a team sport. Finally we talk about optimal training and common training errors that lead to injury.

EP 40: Footwear Designer Valerie Weilert
Apple YouTube
"I asked her friend, what do you do for Nike? He said he was a footwear designer and I was like whoa, whoa, whoa wait how did you do that? Did you study fashion...? There was just not the knowledge I think there is today. After I heard his job and what he did I was like wait this is the perfect job. I'm a runner. I love art and design. Why can't I put these two things together?"

This week we had the honor of speaking with Valerie Weilert, a footwear designer in the running industry. We go into her beginnings in the footwear industry and talk about thoughts on super shoes and racing flats. A lot of good information on shoe design here for those interested in how the process works. Special thanks to Val for speaking with us and sharing her story!

EP 41: Hoka One One Mach 4 Review
Apple YouTube
Today the team dives into the HOKA ONE ONE Mach 4, a highly anticipated performance trainer from HOKA this year. We also spend a lot of time diving into comparisons with other HOKA and other branded shoes to see where this might fit in someone's lineup.

EP 42: Puma Deviate Nitro Elite
Apple YouTube
This was fun. An unexpected company has produced one of our favorite elite marathon racing shoes to date. Keeping things simple while progressing foam technology and shaping, the PUMA Deviate Nitro Elite is a versatile and fun ride.

New to Doctors of Running: The Doctor's Corner

We introduced our first Doctor's Corner video, where we dive into tips and knowledge we have from our work in Physical Therapy. In our first video, contributor David Salas talks about Trigger Point Release and how you can work on it at home.


Asics Metaspeed Sky
The Metaspeed Sky and later to come Metaspeed Edge arrives with a new design philosophy in mind: one shoe for those who pick up speed via stride (increasing length of each step, Sky) and one for cadence (aka turnover, increasing steps, Edge). The shoes are not meant to be paired, but rather fit the need of the runner based on their biomechanics. We’re taking a bit of extra time on our review and will have our full thoughts soon along with some discussion on the subjects of stride vs. cadence and hip strategy.

Quick Breakdown
Weight: 7 oz, 199 g men, 5.9 oz, 165 g women
Stack: 33 mm heel, 28 forefoot
Full length carbon plate
Nylon-based foam, “Flytefoam Turbo”
Rubber based on trail models for grip
Single layer mesh upper

Newton Motion 10 and Gravity 10
Have you ever tried Newton running shoes? The brand is known for their “Action/Reaction” technology which features lugs in the forefoot, promoting energy return and a smooth ride.

The new Gravity, a neutral daily trainer. and Motion, their lightweight stability trainer. hit the decade mark this year. The brand brings an eco conscious focus to their 2021 offerings, featuring durable shoe made from recycled materials. According to Newton, an average shoe takes 40 years to decompose in landfills. Their new shoes promise to break down up to 75% faster with their new design. Additionally, they have incorporated a new gender tuned fit to each model.

Saucony Axon
Saucony making a big statement by offering the most affordable max cushioned shoe you can get in the market with the brand new Axon. Coming in at 38mm of PWWRUN in the heel and 34mm in the forefoot at a $100, that’s a ton of value packed into one shoe, all coming in a 9.3 oz, 264 g for men, 8.2 oz, 232 g for women package. Just assessing numbers and what’s here at face value, it’ll be interesting to see how it might shape the competition moving forward. Shoe slated for release stateside 4/1.

Skechers Go Run Ride 9
The lightweight trainer from SKECHERS returns lighter than ever before. Full review in the coming weeks. Specs: 8.4 oz, 238 g (men), 6.5 oz, 184 g (women) Stack: 34 heel, 28 forefoot Thanks to the Skechers team for providing Doctors of Running the Go Run Ride 9 for review.

Asics Cumulus 23
The steady cruiser from Asics returns for version 23. The latest takes the comfortable Flytefoam midsole that made 22 a solid foundation and makes it full length for further comfort. A redesigned outsole refines the ride further. 

On Cloudultra
Built for long distance trail running, the Cloudultra features a double layer of Helion foam and Cloudtec to produce one of their most cushioned shoes yet. We were impressed with their sticky “mission grip” from our time in the Cloudventure Peak and expect this to be just as grippy and protective for any terrain we throw at it.


Each Friday on our Instagram and Facebook we are excited to be sharing different discussions on shoe science between our team members and down the line with members of the running community.

By Bach Pham, DOR Social Media Manager

Note: All items discussed are not sponsored. Interested in sponsoring/advertising with Doctors of Running though? Contact us at Especially JJ Redick. Huge fan JJ.

Every runner has their essential items they need on the run that's unique to them. The following are a few things that have shaped my run over the past year.

1. UltraAspire Fitted Race Belt
There are a ton of belts and straps and various ways to carry things on the run today, which is great to fit each and every person's need. Besides a great price, the biggest reason the UltraAspire Fitted Race Belt stood out to be was the flexible front pocket that unlike most belts that opens from the side, opened from the top. This allows me to quickly grab my phone (iPhone 12) with ease when I want to check a quick message on a long run or update my podcast since my phone is my primary device for runs. Additionally, before my iPhone 12, I was using an iPhone 6 for podcast listening and a wired cord. Having the pocket open from the top really helped make stringing the cord out vastly easier than any other product I've tried. The pocket itself has been secure and hasn't lost any shape or stretch in the over a thousand miles of running I've done in it since June when I first bought it. Additionally, the belt itself has been durable, showing little signs of wear besides some of the logo in the back slowly rubbing off which is a none issue for me. There is also some straps to secure items for long distance trail running if that is your jam, and two zipper pockets on the sides for keys and small items. The belt is also very quick to dry after hot humid runs in South Carolina and hasn't picked up any terrible odors. It's just a solid belt that disappears on your run, and one that I often forget I'm still wearing when I get back home after.

2. Podcasts | The Old Man & the Three, Ologies with Alie Ward, and 2 Black Runners
Podcasts have been the cornerstone of my running for the past year. The combination of good conversation, fresh air, and health is why I've really combined running and podcasts into one connected hobby that I've grown to love. While I have a big list that I rotate between weekly, these three make up the foundation of my week. The first comes from a huge NBA fan perspective. The Old Man & the Three features Dallas Maverick player JJ Redick as he talks with NBA players, legends, and more outside the industry about basketball, pop culture, and politics. Having a direct player's perspective has totally changed the way I look at sports and biomechanics, and part of the reason I was drawn to join Doctors of Running in the first place.

Ologies with Alie Ward is a journey through the various ology fields in science. If you thought this would be a short series, Ologies has topped over 120 episodes with more each week. From biology to Fanthropology (Fandom) and Urban Rodentology (RATS) there's no telling what she will go into next. A scientist herself, Alie Ward does an amazing job guiding new viewers through various conversations.

To spin it all back to running, 2 Black Runners is the one of the best running podcasts that not nearly enough people know about. Joshua and Aaron Potts, aka the Potts Brothers work together to talk to a wide range of athletes and runners including some true GOATs like Ajee Wilson and Michael Johnson. Their podcast episodes don't hold back as they tackle everything from social justice issues to mental health. 

3. Bananas | Nuun Sport +caffeine
Fueling has been one of the trickier things to work on, and after trying a million things none have worked better for me than a pre-run banana, sometimes with some peanut butter for long runs, for quick fuel and then decompressing after with a post-run Nuun.

For those who have not tried Nuun, Nuun is a hydration tablet that contains electrolytes, minerals, and salt often found in things like Gatorade. You simply grab a tablet and toss into a large glass of water and let it dissolve for a few minutes. The tablet essential helps replace what was lost on the run and get you back into balance for the rest of your day.

It is incredibly important to learn what works for you and practice pre-race your routine to help make sure you get the best of your training. Hydration in particular is everything, and something I'm honestly bad at. Having Nuun around though has really helped provide a reminder, especially in the hot summer days in South Carolina, that it feels really good to have a post run cooldown with a glass of water. GU works great as well, but I just have a slight preference for Nuun's flavors. 


Lots more coming soon at Doctors of Running! We'll be digging much further into Asics new Metaspeed series while exploring some midspring offerings, particularly from Newton. We also have some exciting podcasts and features coming out as we keep on growing. Thanks for joining us!

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