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Skechers GOrun 7+ vs 7 Comparison Review

    The Skechers GOrun series is Skechers original lightweight running shoe. It is incredible to have watched the evolution of this shoe over the last +8 years. With the switch from version 7 to 7+ comes primarily an upper update. However, the rides of the two shoes have changed in a positive way. Despite similar specs, the 7+ and 7 are very different and are worth comparing.


As the major focus of this update, the upper is very different in the 7+ vs the 7. The GOrun 7+ features a more secure upper featuring a new lightweight circular knit. There is more structure to the 7+ than what was present in the very flexibly GOrun 7, which drastically improves security. The rearfoot in particular is more built up, which does a better job of locking the foot in. The GOrun 7+ also features a more narrow and snug fit that is most noticeable in the mid and forefoot. For those that want security and a better lock down, the GOrun 7+ is the clear winner. For those that want a relaxed, flexible upper, the GOrun 7 may entice you more

WINNER: GOrun 7+ wins for upper security despite narrowness in forefoot.


Despite featuring a supposedly identical tooling, the rides are different between the 7 and 7+. The GORun 7+ has a noticeably more bouncy ride from heel to toe. However, the GORun 7 feels a bit firmer and more stable, particularly in the midfoot. The issue with the GOrun 7+ is the bounciness creates an unstable ride unless you are moving at fast speeds. Both shoes are fairly smooth thanks to decent heel bevels and great forefoot flexibility. There is enough HYPER cushioning that the cushioning does not bottom out.

WINNER: GOrun 7 due to stable ride being a bit more versatile.


The GOrun 7+ is the clear winner when it comes to speed. The increased bounce from the midsole combined with the secure upper makes this a great choice for workouts and as a racing flat for many. While the GOrun 7 is a slightly better choice for daily training, the bounciness of the GOrun 7+ makes it the clear choice for those looking to go fast or who are already stable and looking for a versatile lightweight trainer/racer.

Winner: GOrun 7+ due to the upper security and midsole responsiveness.


The Skechers GOrun 7+ is a great update, providing a fast, secure ride that will work for many as a long distance racer or workout shoe. The GOrun 7 is a great shoe but is more versatile as a daily trainer given the relaxed fit and slightly more stable ride. Both are great options and it is always intriguing that subtle changes can make major differences. For those looking for an adjunct training shoe for the Skechers Razor 3 (REVIEW), Speed Elite Hyper (REVIEW) or the Speed 6 (REVIEW), check this shoe out. You may even find that it is equally at home going all out.

OVERALL WINNER: Skechers GOrun 7+ due to improved upper security and speed.


Skechers GOrun 7+

Fit/Upper      9 /10  (-1 for narrow forefoot )
Ride/Midsole  10 /10 (Increased bounce, great flexibility, smooth)
Stability         7.5  /10 (-2.5 for unstable ride)
Speed              9.5 /10 (Great uptempo/workout shoe. Fast HYPER)
Durability       8.5 /10 (Early signs of wear on outsole but long lasting HYPER)

TOTAL:  89%


Dr. Klein is a 140 lb male with notable PRs of 14:45 for 5k and 2:32:44 for the full marathon.  He typically runs 70-100 miles per week and trains at a variety of paces from 8min per mile recovery runs to 4:40 per mile 1k repeats.  He prefers firmer and responsive shoes with snug heels and medium to wide toe boxes.  He is particular to less cushioned shoes and close to the ground shoes, but can handle a little cushion when he gets beat up.  IG handle: @kleinrunsdpt

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