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Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Initial Review

The GOmeb Speed line has been my go to racers for some time.  From the versatility of version 3 to the speed of version 5.  The Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper was released quietly as a complete revision of the shoe and was a surprise to many.  The performance and improvements are no surprise.  Highlights include a snugger upper, an increase in cushioning, lighter weight and the ever amazing HYPER BURST cushioning.  Best described as a cushioned track spike for the road, you will want to try this shoe, but make sure you check the sizing (see below).

Specifications (per Skechers Performance & Running Warehouse)
Weight: 5.2 oz
Stack Height: 24 mm / 20 mm
Drop: 4mm
Classification: Racing Flat


Matt: The upper has been completely redesigned for a lighter and snugger fit.  Users should be aware that unless you have a very narrow foot, you will need to go up at least a half size in the Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper.  I normally wear a size 10 mens and can handle the fit for 3-4 miles before a blister developed on my first toe. Although I am getting used to the fit, I am in the process of getting a size 10.5.  The fit is similar to a track spike: very snug and locked down.  The toebox is particularly narrow, especially with the reinforcement around the toe box.

The overall fit is on the narrow side, particularly in the forefoot and heel.  The heel has a new external PEBAX heel counter that does a great job of locking the rearfoot onto the platform.  There is light cushioning between this counter and the heel, so those with sensitive achilles should be fine.  The new upper uses a very lightweight translucent ripstop mesh.  It is reinforced in the midfoot, which provides improved lock down with an effective/responsive lacing system.  The upper is breathable and extremely lightweight, but does not stretch very much, creating a high level upper support that locks the foot down well.


As with many recent Skechers Performance shoes, the midsole has been updated with full HYPER BURST.  The essence of the GOmeb Speed is still there with a PEBAX infused plate in the midfoot that improves the transition forward.  The ride overall is lightly cushioned and responsive no matter where you land.  The forefoot is fairly flexible but responsive with the hyperburst.  The heel has a decent bevel, particularly for a racing flat.  This is part of the return of an M-Strike sole design, which combined with HYPER BURST creates very smooth landings.

There is more midsole material than previous versions, which drastically increases the cushioning level from the Speed 5.  I have been able to warm up and cool down in the Speed 6 Hyper with the amount of cushioning, although this is also due to my prior experience training in minimal shoes.  There is a 4mm heel drop, but with the compression of the HYPER BURST this can feel even lower.  So those planning to race in this shoe may need some time to adapt to the lower drop if you are not used to this.


The weight and speed of the Speed 6 have drastically changed the range of this shoe line.  Prior versions were firm enough that most would limit their use to 5k-10k.  The additional cushioning will open this shoe up for many looking for a fast 5k to half marathon shoe.  Those used to running in less will also find that they may be able to take this up to the marathon distance, although the upcoming Speed Elite Hyper may be a better choice for longer races (coming soon).

The amount of speed is extremely high in this shoe.  The even lighter 5.2 oz weight combined with the HYPER BURST cushioning creates a very fast and lightly cushioned ride that can handle a variety of speeds.  From track work to tempo runs (as David's upcoming review will shine light on), the GOmeb Speed 6 HYPER is meant to go fast.  The speed and responsiveness is consistent no matter where you land thanks to the consistent HYPER BURST sole.  I have used this shoe for a road fartlek and a track workout that both went well (except for the blister).  Thanks to the lockdown of the upper and the traction from the GOODYEAR outsole, the traction while turning is also quite good.

Stability wise, the midfoot plate and the external heel counter provide a higher level of stability for this kind of racing shoe.  The heel is locked down on the platform well and the plate creates additional stiffness in the midfoot.  The plate also does a great job of offsetting the soft HYPER BURST midsole, creating a more balanced ride.  The sole/last is a little wider than most racing shoes in this category, adding a little bit more stability.


Matt: While the essence of the Speed series is still there, the Speed 6 Hyper is a drastic improvement on an already great line.  The full length HYPER BURST midsole adds additional cushioning and speed over a wider variety of distances.  The upper provides a track spike like fit and while secure, is snug enough that most people will need at least a half size up (unless you have a very narrow foot).  The addition of an external heel counter adds additional upper support while the tried and true midfoot plate provides additional stability to the softer HYPER BURST sole.  The Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 HYPER is an extremely fast shoe that will support you over a variety of race distances if you are used to extremely lightweight and low drop rides.  Check back soon for our full Multiple Tester Review!

Thanks for reading!

Editor's Note: As always, the views presented on this website belong to myself or the selected few who contribute to these posts. This website should not and does not serve as a replacement for seeking medical care. If you are currently injured or concerned about an injury, please see your local running physical therapist. If you are in the Los Angeles area, I am currently taking clients for running evaluations.

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***Disclaimer: These shoes were provided free of charge in exchange for a review.  We thank the  people at Skechers Performance for sending us a pair.  This in no way affected the honesty of this review. We put at least 50-75 miles on trainers and 10-25 miles on racing flats prior to performing full reviews. Currently I have 12 miles on my pair (Matt). My views are based on my extensive history in the footwear industry and years testing and developing footwear. If you are a footwear rep looking for footwear reviews or consultations on development, we are currently looking to partner with companies to assist, discuss and promote footwear models. Partnership will not affect the honesty of our reviews.

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