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Skechers GOrun Ride 8 HYPER Multiple Tester Review

The Skechers GOrun Ride series came alive with version 7.  A light, bouncy, protective trainer that despite wear on the outsole, never seemed to wear out (I had 600 miles on one pair, which is unheard of for how hard I am on shoes).  A great fitting upper with the perfect offset (6mm), it was a shoe that I compared all other trainers to.  Now we have version 8, that somehow managed to improve every aspect of the shoe without ruining anything.  The GOrun Ride 8 HYPER has been seen on the feet of Edward Cheserek for some time now as his go to trainer.  Finally after months of teasing, it is finally coming to market.  This is a shoe I have been excited for and it lives up to the hype.  Or in this case the HYPER (BURST).

Specifications (per Skechers Performance)
Weight: 8.9 ounces (men's size 9), 7.2 ounces (women's size 7)
Stack Height: Unknown at this time
Drop: 6mm
Classification: Neutral Daily Trainer


Matt: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 HYPER returns with a full HYPER BURST midsole, dramatically improved traction and durability with a full length Goodyear rubber outsole, a lighter design and a slightly snugger but more comfortable knit upper.  With a dramatic increase in speed, upper support and responsiveness, the Gorun Ride 8 may be your next go to trainer or marathon shoe.

David: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 HYPER is shoe with a lot of upside! The full hyperburst midsole is a nice addition that feels nice at nearly all speeds and cadences. The Goodyear outsole offers the most durable of outsoles in the hyperburst line. The ride may be a little more firm, but this is the most balanced and "all purpose" of the hyperburst shoes out there. A versatile add to any rotation.

Nathan: The days of quality running shoes under $120 seems to be coming to an end spare a few options floating around. So when a shoe like the GOrun Ride 8 HYPER comes around (which I believe will be listed at $115), I love getting the chance to try them out. This is a versatile shoes that does a lot of things really well, and the full HYPER BURST midsole gives a fun ride to boot.


Matt: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 fits true to size in my normal size 10.  I did not feel the need to size up or down and found the length to be perfect.  The fit is slightly snugger than the previous version throughout the shoe, but the knit mesh stretches slightly with the foot.  The upper locks the foot down very well on the platform and for the first time in a long time, I have not lace locked the shoes.  The laces and upper provide enough structure without pressure that I have no need for extra security.  The asymmetrical tongue fits very well against the foot and has not slipped at all even at faster paces.  The forefoot is more anatomic than most, although fits a little snugger that the last version (offset by the stretch of the upper).  The midfoot also fits more snug, but the laces do a great job of locking the foot down on the platform without additional pressure.  The heel fits perfectly and is not too narrow or too wide.  There is what feels like a cardboard heel counter (fairly flexible) that despite the thinner heel collar has not caused any issues with pressure on my achilles insertion/calcaneus bone.  The upper is very breathable and can be easily worn sockless as the seams are minimal.  I have worn these shoes sockless up to 10 miles without issue, but would still suggest that only for those with experience.

A common issue with knit uppers is the lack of security.  The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 does not suffer from this as it still provides plenty of security without being overly constricting.  The snugger fit does take a mile or two to loosen up, but really shines when the pace picks up.  Even going around corners, I had no issues with slippage and the entire upper keeps the foot locked on the platform yet comfortable at the same time.

David: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 Hyper fits a little more snug than the other hyperburst shoes, but remains true to size. The toe box is of normal width and wastes no space (people with wide feet may need to order wide if available). The midfoot and heel are delicately balanced and fit really well to the foot without being encroaching. Overall, a very nice balanced fit. The upper is breathable enough to handle daily mileage. I have not blistered or developed hot spots in the GRR8, but I do notice that the midfoot and under the tongue tend to hold moisture when things get sweaty. Again no blisters, but I have not done any 15+ mile runs in the shoe yet.

Nathan: I found the GOrun Ride 8 HYPER to fit true to size. Contrary to Matt and David, I found the midfoot (and the shoe as a whole) to be a bit looser/wider. With that combined with a knit upper, I initially had some issues securing my foot while running. However, the knit upper accommodates well enough that I could really synch up the laces and no longer had slippage of my heel or my midfoot. I wanted to use the extra eyelet, but the laces were too short to utilize it for some lace locking. The tongue is thin and resembles the 361 pressure free tongue (which I really love), and stayed in place well throughout all runs.


The Flight Gen midsole has now been replaced by a full length HYPER BURST midsole.  Those who love this compound will love it even more in the GOrun Ride 8.  From heel to toe, the ride is very responsive and it is extremely easy to pick up the pace in this shoe.  Unlike some of the other Skechers shoes with HYPER BURST, the ride is firmer than others thanks to the Goodyear rubber at the bottom.  This balances the HYPER BURST and adds additional stability to the ride.  The best way to describe the ride is firmer but bouncy.  The feel of the midsole is consistent no matter where you land.  Both the heel and forefoot are stable and the forefoot is a little stiffer, providing a nice toe off when combined with the gentle toe spring.  There is a heel bevel which has been centered, which makes heel landings far smoother than previous versions.  The heel drop is listed at 6mm and it feels in the 6-8mm drop range.  I have not noticed this at all as this is usually the optimal drop range for my body.  Overall the ride is incredibly smooth no matter where you land.  The ride feels firmer (compared to my other HYPER BURST shoes) and stable when running slower, but provides fantastic rebound when the pace picks up along the entire length of the shoe.

David: The GOrun Ride 8 HYPER is true to its name with a crazy smooth striking pattern that feels good under pretty much every cadence. The Goodyear rubber outsole is full contact and contributes to a slightly more firm ride than the other hyperburst shoes, but still has enough cushioning to tackle roads. The ride is the most versatile of the bunch and CAN go on dirt and grass without much worry. To really appreciate the ride of this shoe, I noticed that it comes alive when the pace begins to pick up to moderate paces (probably in part to the more firm Goodyear outsole). Responsiveness meets hyperburst cushioning well when the pace picks up a bit. At slower paces, the shoe is doable, but may feel a little less extraordinary. Overall, the ride is pleasant, light, and fluid. The shoe is listed as 6mm drop, but does feel a little higher than this. I notice that if I don't push the pace a little bit, I naturally start falling back on the heel/midfoot a little more in this shoe (And I traditionally do strike forefoot/midfoot).

Nathan: Of all Skechers that I have tested, the GOrun Ride 8 HYPER has my favorite ride. The heel bevel isn't as extreme as the Max Road 4 Hyper, making it smooth for my heel strike, and the amount of HYPER BURST provides a great level of cushion and firmness. I found the midsole was surprisingly firm over the first 5-10 miles, but then softened and had a great bouncy feel to it. The make-up and pattern of the Goodyear rubber adds to this firm and more stable nature as well. I found that even with the slight ridges in the forefoot, the shoe was relatively stiff during when transitioning from mid to forefoot. I really varied my pace with this shoe, and found that the ride changes a lot between paces. On recovery and slower days, it felt like a rather firm and rigid shoe. Then upon picking up the pace is where I felt the bouncy and responsive nature of the shoe. It was a pleasant ride for all my runs. I typically do not do as well with lower drop shoes (0-4mm range), but this 6mm drop felt as advertised or even more like an 8mm drop.


Matt: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 is a neutral trainer but has a few elements that make it stable.  The heel and forefoot have wider bases than most, make both more stable.  The ride is a little stiffer throughout thanks to the Goodyear rubber, creating some mild resistance to extra motion.  Especially when compared to the Maxroad 4 Hyper and the Gorun 7.  The midfoot also appears and feels less narrow than previous versions, which adds to the stability with a wider platform.  The HYPER BURST in the GOrun Ride 8 is firmer than some other models I have tried.  This is again due to the balance with the Goodyear rubber.  While the ride is not overly firm, it is firm enough to create a stable ride. That stability maintains even when the pace picks up.  The heel bevel has also been centered (previously medially biased), which helps guide the foot somewhat during heel landings.  Although not a stability shoe, the GOrun Ride 8 has plenty of stabilizing features that will make it accessible to runners with neutral and mild stability needs.

David: The Skechers GRR8 does not have any formal stability measures for it is a neutral shoe. However, this is the most stable of the hyperburst line. The Goodyear outsole firms up the shoe a little bit and provides some rigidity and ground feel. The upper is a little more snug with less give to external forces. This is by far the most stable of the hyperburst line. The only time I have really noticed any stability issues would be on slanted roads where the shoe felt like it had a little give to the torsional forces. Despite this, the shoe is stable enough, and should be ok on pretty much any daily run.

Nathan: My issue with the Max Road Hyper 4 was the lack of stability. The GOrun Ride 8 HYPER is not even in the same category as that shoe when it comes to stability. The firm/stiff nature of the shoe (thanks in part to the outsole), the rigid heel cup, and the wider platform make this a relatively stable shoe for a neutral shoe. The only issue I personally had with stability is when I couldn't get my midfoot secured.


The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 toes the line between a trainer and lightweight trainer.  At 8.9 oz, this shoe is light for a trainer and the HYPER BURST midsole gives it the incredible versatility to go fast.  Although not as fast as the Razor or Speed, the GOrun Ride 8 has been on my feet for everything from track workouts to fartleks, tempo runs and long runs.  This shoe can handle anything, especially when it comes to long uptempo runs and recovery runs.  The midsole is firm enough that you can sprint in this shoe, giving it an incredible range.  Although not light enough for me for anything below a marathon, this is definitely a shoe that is light enough for those looking to race a marathon on the road.  This combination of responsiveness, protection and firmness make the GOrun Ride 8 the fastest trainer I have ever used.  For those that want a shoe that can handle any speed but still want protection for longer miles, this is your shoe.

David: Ok, this is not the fastest shoe out there (compared to Razor or racing shoes)... but it WILL get the job done. The shoe really shines in tempo paces for me. The hyperburst gets some love with quick harder landings and the rigidity gets to add some snappiness from the Goodyear outsole.  It can get up to faster paces when pushed (low 5 minute mile pace for me) and still feel ok.  At easy paces, it can be a little flat (though this may be different for heel strikers since the shoe feels higher than 6mm drop). It's a very balanced shoe that can pretty much hit every pace, a jack of all trades. This is a shoe I can definitely seeing as an optimal choice for someone who runs recreational marathons and needs a little structure on a shoe that can still move quick. For faster athletes, a versatile trainer that fits the budget.

Nathan: This is a very versatile shoe when it came to speed. It felt great on casual long runs and did not hold me back on fartlek or tempo days. It isn't a shoe I would take to the track, but the HYPER BURST was dynamic enough to handle most of what I threw at it. Personally, this could make a fantastic half or full marathon shoe for many (non-elites) to get good protection underneath while still being able to push the tempo.


Matt: The previous version of the GOrun Ride suffered from early outsole wear, but still seemed to last forever.  Now with the addition of Goodyear rubber, the durability has improved even more.  I have over 70 miles on my pair and am only now seeing slight wear at the lateral heel, but just barely.  The ride has not changed one bit from the first run I took them on and the midsole continues to feel bouncy, responsive and stable.  The HYPER BURST midsoles generally do not need to be broken in and the GOrun Ride 8 is no different.  There is no break in period required and my first major run was a significant workout on mountain roads.  Even going over aggressive trails has done little to the outsole.  There is enough Goodyear rubber that the exposed HYPER has no signs of wear.  The upper has not shown any loose seems and only took a few miles to break in.  So overall I expect more miles out of the GOrun Ride 8 than the previous version and expect you could easily take this shoe over the 300-500 mile range.

David: The GRR8 is by far the most durable of the hyperburst line. The Goodyear outsole has proven that it can take a hit. The outsole itself is not too thick, but should hold just fine over normal trainer usage. The pods in some of the other designs would show wear relatively quickly, whereas this outsole almost looks more like "scratches".  What I mean by that (at 36 miles right now) is that it may have a little wear somewhere between 50 to 70 miles in, but nothing major or concerning. The shoe shoe should hold up just fine for most people. The hyperburst foam is great. This is something thats pretty stellar in every model, for the foam shows no cracks or any leaks into the ride as more miles get ran on it. If anything, the foam is almost more appreciated as some of the miles pour on.

Nathan: This is the first Skechers shoe that I have been very pleased with the durability. Outsole is showing no wear so far and the HYPER BURST only shows signs of feeling better as more miles get put on.


The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 HYPER has a particularly wide midfoot for more traditional, non-maximal neutral trainer.  Most shoes will possess a very narrow midfoot in an effort to save weight.  The likely thinking is that in those with high arches, only the lateral aspect of the midfoot touches the ground.  While those with stiff and rigid arches may follow that pattern, no everyone will.  The body passes over the midfoot during midstance, at which time the primary function is for the tibia to rotate over the foot.  This mechanism is called the ankle rocker and involves an eccentric contraction of the soleus muscle to control the forward progression of the tibia  (among a few other plantarflexors).  The ankle is in end stage of pronation, where the arch should be at its lowest point (approximately).  It would make sense at this time for those with normal pronation, that a slightly wider midfoot would create a more stable base for this phase of the gait cycle.  Those with stiff and rigid arches may not have a problem, but a narrow base is still an unstable base regardless of arch stiffness.  For everyone else, even those with "neutral" arches need to be able to pronate.  So having that filled in a little is well worth the mild increase in weight (which the GOrun Ride 8 has lost 0.5 oz compared to the previous model) to improve stability.  Having some stability is important here as the transition that occurs after midstance is where propulsion occurs.  The foot/ankle transitions into terminal stance where weight shifts onto the forefoot, the calves fire concentrically to plantarflex the ankle the body is propelled forward.  It would make sense that you would want to proceed propulsion with a stable place to roll from.  While you may not need a post or extreme stability measure, having a wider midfoot makes sense from a biomechanics standpoint to improve the transition forward of the foot and ankle.  So I applaud Skechers for continuing to think a little differently, as this is not super common in neutral trainers (although a few others do in fact use this same concept in all their shoes).

Notice the fairly uniform transition from heel width to midfoot width.


Matt: At this time I don't have any major recommendations for the GOrun Ride 8 Hyper.  The shoe is stable for a neutral trainer, the upper fits slightly snug and holds the foot well, the midsole compound is amazing and durable, the outsole is durable and the shoe is versatile.  The heel bevel appears to have been centered compared to the previous version, that for whatever reason had a heel bevel biased medially.  I would suggest moving that bevel a little more lateral, but other than that this shoe is fantastic.

David: The GOrun Ride 8 HYPER is a balanced shoe that can pretty much do it all. With that said, it can probably have a couple of minor adjustments if I am being picky. The upper in the midfoot holds some moisture under the tongue. I have noticed it on normal 8 mile runs, though not uncomfortable. I get a little nervous with really long runs and then having an uncomfortable fit on the dorsum (top of the foot by the end of it). The other small change would be seeing a little more Goodyear outsole (less thin) to just ensure some more longevity to this shoe. Really small recommendations here, this shoe is definitely one that will agree with a lot of people.

Nathan: Two small changes I'd like to see. First, just put on slightly longer laces. Okay that one is easy and I can do that myself I suppose. Second, it might be helpful to get the grooves in the forefoot slightly deeper to increase the flexibility during transition onto the toe (just slightly, not a lot because I like how the firm nature assist on tempo runs). Although the midfoot was a bit wide for me, I don't think it should be changed.


Matt: The Skechers GOrun Ride 8 Hyper is for those looking for a lightweight trainer with a neutral, stable and extremely responsive sole.  Unlike the other alternative midsole trainers like the Pegasus Turbo, the GOrun Ride 8 is stable with a great fitting knit upper.  This is a shoe that will work well for long runs in addition to faster paced runs even into marathon racing.  The combination of a great fitting upper, the fantastic but stable and durable combination of HYPER BURST and Goodyear, the fast versatile ride and much lighter weight have made the Skechers GOrun Ride 8 Hyper my shoe of the year so far.

David: The Skechers GORun Ride 8 is a shoe that will agree with many people out there. If I am really being specific 2 main populations: 1. Those who want a relatively light yet balanced trainer that can be used for workouts and daily runs. 2. those of the more recreational type looking for a shoe that they can still turn the pace up in a little, and still have some structure on it when the race gets long (marathon). The shoe is crazy versatile and can do pretty much everything asked of it.

Nathan: The Skechers GORun Ride 8 HYPER is a great versatile shoe option that can work for training, recovery, and longer distance racing. For those who like a firm yet bouncier ride will love this shoe, and the generously sized midfoot and knit upper will accommodate for varying foot types. This would be a perfect intro shoe to the Skechers line for those who have been interested in testing the waters but haven't taken the plunge yet.


Fit                     9.5/10 (-0.5 for slightly snugger forefoot, big points for upper support)
Ride                  10/10 (The smoothest riding trainer I have experienced)
Stability            9.5/10 (-0.5 for central heel bevel, but overall a stable neutral shoe)
Speed                10/10 (The HYPER BURST is as fast as it gets for a trainer)
Durability          9.75/10 (-0.25 for slight wear at the heel, but overall incredibly durable)

Fit                     9.25/10 (may be too snug in forefoot for picky runners, moisture retention in midfoot)
Ride                  9.5/10 (great when pace picks up, may be a hair flat for forefoot strikes at slow pace)
Stability            9.25/10 (Goodyear adds stability, torsional/lateral give to uneven surfaces)
Speed                10/10 (For a true daily trainer, yeah... that's about as fast as a trainer can get)
Durability         9.25/10 (Goodyear's legit, there's just not a lot of it. Once wear starts, won't be long.)

Fit                     8.5/10 (-1.5 for wider midfoot and difficulty getting lock down)
Ride                  8.75/10 (-0.5 for stiff forefoot during toe off, -0.75 for firm nature at slower paces)
Stability            9.25/10 (stable for a neutral shoe, heel bevel gives some instability)
Speed                10/10 (versatile option for pretty much everything you need)
Durability         9.5/10 (Thin outsole decreases some longevity, but what's there is great!)

Total Score: 94.7%  (M: 9.75/10, D: 9.45, N: 9.2)

Thanks for reading!

Editor's Note: As always, the views presented on this website belong to myself or the selected few who contribute to these posts. This website should not and does not serve as a replacement for seeking medical care. If you are currently injured or concerned about an injury, please see your local running physical therapist. If you are in the Los Angeles area, I am currently taking clients for running evaluations.

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David Salas PT DPT CSCS
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Nathan Brown PT DPT MS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Master of Anatomy and Clinical Health Science
Movement Performance Institute Certified in Advanced Biomechanics 

***Disclaimer: These shoes were provided free of charge in exchange for a review.  We thank the  people at Skechers Performance for sending us a pair.  This in no way affected the honesty of this review. We put at least 35-75 miles on trainers and 10-25 miles on racing flats prior to reviewing them. Currently I have 71 miles on my pair (Matt), 39 miles (Nathan), and 36 miles (David). My views are based on my extensive history in the footwear industry and years testing and developing footwear. If you are a footwear rep looking for footwear reviews or consultations on development, we are currently looking to partner with companies to assist, discuss and promote footwear models. Partnership will not affect the honesty of our reviews.

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