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Adidas Terrex Apparel Review
By Chief Editor/Founder Matt Klein

I have a particular thing for elite/pro Adidas gear. The shirts and shorts have always fit me well, but I never tried anything from the Adidas Terrex line. Terrex is Adidas's outdoor/adventure line that includes apparel, gear and footwear for trail running, mountaineering and more. The last year has seen the debut of some eye catching apparel designs that once I saw, I had to test. These apparel pieces have been a staple of my running the last month as the days have gotten darker and I have spent more time on the trails. For visibility, style, comfort (mostly) and performance this gear has been interesting to test.

Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic WIND.RDY Windbreaker
$71.95 at Running Warehouse

Testing Size - Men's Medium (Tester Normal Size: Men's Medium)

For those who want the ultimate in wind resistance, performance, visibility and style. The extremely cool pattern matches the excellent ability of this performance windbreaker to keep your temperature in check in the windiest of conditions. Reflect details throughout the jacket make this a perfect choice for early morning or late evening runs when you want to keep your temperature in check but stay safe. The pattern, while being cool, is also excellent for visibility. Both the pattern and reflective details provide the visibility you need for safety as the days get shorter. I have had two people stop me while running to ask where I got this jacket as they were able to see me clearly in the dark.

Sizing wise I went with a men's medium and normally I get jackets in that size. I am actually a men's small for tops, but usually go up a size for jackets given that I always wear a shirt underneath. The Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Windbreaker, despite me getting my normal size larger, fits fairly true to size. The waist does narrow, but I have plenty of room without it feeling too big or too small. I have a little extra room in the arms, but the chest and waist still fit normally. If you are between sizes, I would definitely go up as the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Windbreaker has more of a performance fit.

The Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic TR Ready Windbreaker is extremely light, able to be folded easily or be used on a variety of runs from easy paces to hard workouts while still being tough enough to keep the winds at bay. This jacket has been extremely helpful at cutting through the strong winds we have had in Southern California both in the valley and the mountains. It is warm enough to keep you cool during slightly colder temperatures, but still have enough ventilation to be kept on later in the run when the temperature usually increases. I have tested this jacket in the rain only once and while it is not completely waterproof, kept me fairly dry throughout the entire run for how thin the mesh material is. Mesh pockets provide plenty of space for storage and any stored things seem to stay fairly secure (including gels, keys, etc).

I am picky when it comes to jackets, but the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Windbreaker has become a favorite of mine. The pattern makes you stand out, the material keeps your temperature in check, it does a great job of protecting from the wind, the storage is great and it is very packable, light and efficient.

Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic WIND.RDY Windbreaker
Fit: A-  (
Extremely comfortable, although potentially between sizes)
Performance: A
 (Excellent lightweight feel that handles a variety of efforts)
Personal: A
(The best looking jacket I have ever owned)
Overall: A
(My favorite jacket so far. Awesome colors, great performance, great visibility for running at all times)   

Another piece of apparel I had to buy because of the pattern on the back, it turns out this performance shirt is incredibly comfortable. Featuring a thin mesh that breaths and is from 100% recycled materials, this has been a go to shirt for workouts on the road and trail.

I normally wear a size S men's for short sleeve shirts and the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Trail Running Pro Tee fit me true to size if a little snug. The shirt has a performance fit that sits close to the body and is secure. The length is fairly true to size, although the white color way I also purchased was a little long. So I would go with your normal size unless you want extra room or you are between sizes.

The close fit of this shirt combined with the breathability and sleek look has made this a go to shirt for faster days. This would also be a consideration for trail racing given the cool color way as well as the performance fit. I have plenty of range of motion at the arm, yet the shirt stays secure with turns and upper body adaptations to challenging environments. One of the most important things for a shirt or singlet on fast days is the interaction between the material and more sensitive parts of my body (nipples). I have had no chaffing with the shirt with longer trail efforts up to 3 hours and the mesh material is very comfortable against the skin. It is a little thinner everywhere except the chest, which seems to slightly reinforce and soften the material for better next to skin/sensitive area comfort.

Overall this is a performance shirt with an eye catching pattern on the back that can handle easy and fast days, but the look will make you want to pick up the pace.

Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Trail Running Pro Tee
Fit: A- (True to size, performance fit, fits slightly long in some color ways)
Performance: A
 (Lightweight performance feel. Makes you want to run fast. Breathable and efficient)
Personal:  A- (One of my favorite shirts. Fits well and looks cool. Wish there was a pocket/extras for the cost))
Overall: A-
 (Performance running shirt for faster efforts and race day)

Adidas Terrex Fall Primeblue Trail Graphic LS
$44.95 at Running Warehouse

The Adidas Terrex Primeblue Trail Graphic LS is an interesting long sleeve. The material is one of the softest I have experienced and next to skin comfort is incredible. The material is 100% recycled polysester and the breathability is high. So high that it actually works better in warmer weather or as an undershirt. I found myself combining this with the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic Trail Running Pro T as the colors complimented each other (see above). There is little wind protection as  any gust penetrates right through the material. It does however work well on days where it is warmer but you don't want to wear a short sleeve. This attribute makes it excellent for workouts/faster days as well. The material wicks away sweat well and keep you dry even as the pace picks up.

I normally wear a size S men's for shirts and I ordered a size M. I originally tried a size S but it fit slightly too short. This does make the shirt fit slightly baggy. I would suggest most people go true to size if they want a snug performance fit and those who are between sizes should definitely go up a size.

The Adidas Terrex Primeblue Trail Graphic LS is a performance long sleeve shirt. A unique pattern makes the colors stand out, while the breathability makes it work well in warmer weather. It does not work as well in cold weather, but does have 360 degree reflectivity pieces. This is a go to early morning shirt when the weather is warmer but not warm enough for short sleeves and I need some visibility.

Adidas Terrex Fall Primeblue Trail Graphic LS
Fit: A-/B+ (Performance fit. Go true to size or a size up if between sizes)
B (Extremely comfortable, but does not protect from cold. Better for warmer weather)
Personal:  B+ (Extremely comfortable material, breathes well, little wind/cold protection)
Overall: B+ (
Comfortable long sleeve for warm weather or as a base layer.)

Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" Short
$53.95 at Running Warehouse

I am picky when it comes to shorts. I prefer shorter split shorts due to the freedom of motion and rarely wear anything longer than 3". The Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" short was the longest short I had until recently and I was apprehensive about the feel. I found the 5" length wasn't super noticeable, but worked better for easy and long runs. Picking up the pace felt like the slightly longer length got in the way, so this short works better for easy and longer efforts on trail.

I normally wear a size M in men's shorts and the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" fits true to size if slightly snug, but the liner fits small. I would suggest going up a half size if you between sizes or have sensitivity in that area.

I am sensitive to liners in shorts. It took me years for my skin to adapt to this and previously I would wear underwear while cutting out the liners. Years ago when I discovered actual high quality running shorts when I started working in running stores, I didn't do that. However, I still approach all shorts cautiously. If you do not have this problem, the Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" short will not give you problems. The liner fits small and was rough enough that I got chaffing after 6-8 miles. Shorter and mid range runs have been fine, but long runs have been problematic. A well placed band aid somewhat solves the problem.... but also created more problems. So those who are sensitive to scratchy liners should be careful.

The remainder of the short is great. There are two side pockets which hold gels nicely and a rear pocket that has a fairly high volume. My phone easily fits in the rear pocket, but since I only ever take my keys on runs, it has served as additional gel and food storage well. There are loops for pools in the shorts, but I have never used those even on technical terrain. If that is something you are interested in, these shorts have them. The material is made from 100% recycled materials, which is cool. The waist band is interested and it sits comfortably around that area. It is a little snug at first, although is adjustable and seems to help secure the short.

Overall, I would suggest going a size up or approaching the liner of this short cautiously. The Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" short is for easy or longer mileage for those who want a little extra storage and pole loops.

Adidas Terrex Parley Agravic All-Around 5" Short
Fit: C+/B-  (True to size fit,  however liner feels like it fits small and causes chaffing)
Performance: B+ 
(Plenty of storage.  longer fit is better for shorter stride. Mesh panels keeps you cool)
Personal: C+
  (While there is plenty of storage, chaffing is always a big no for me. Plenty of cool things but the liner kills it))
OverallB- (Cool features, plenty of storage but liner chafes over longer miles)

Editor's Note: I also have the Adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Trail Running Shorts which are more expensive, but similar with a far more comfortable mesh. Those fit a little better and are more performance shorts for workouts and races. I prefer the Pro over the All around shorts.


The Adidas Terrex apparel is the first set of trail based running clothes I have tried. I came away very impressed with the designs and fit of the shirts and jackets, while the liner of the All-Around 5" short left a bit to be desired. What is clear about all of them is that they are more performance oriented. The materials are getting lighter, there is more storage and the comfort of many of the items continues to increase. With elements that improve reflectivity, wind resistance and fit, I will continue to check out this apparel for both road and trail use.      


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