Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Welcome to Virtual Roundtable Episode 50 of the Doctors of Running Virtual Roundtable! Wowwww. Thanks so much for tuning in all these episodes. We couldn't have made it this far without you!

In today's video, Matt Klein and Nathan Brown go over some viewer questions that we've had over the past few weeks and talk a bit about the latest news and shoes. We're so grateful for all the support. Hope you enjoy this episode!

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Slow - Instagram

Hey! I was wondering if you have any shoe recommendations for someone with Hallux Rigidus. Recently tried the Endorphin Speeds and they didn't work for me at all, was thinking maybe something more rigid like the Asics Magic Speed? I've had great experiences with the Puma Liberate Nitro which is completely opposite (very flexible) so perhaps something like the Brooks Aurora BL? Basically looking fo something for long runs. Would appreciate any guidance, thank you!

Austin - Instagram

Would any of you have any guesses on why the Rebel 2 destroys my Achilles tendons? I don’t think it’s heel-toe drop as I’ve been fine in lower drop shoes. In summary, I’m a forefoot/mid foot striker with high arches and a tend to supinate. Easy run paces (7-8 min/mile) are fine but 4-5 min/miles become painful pretty quick. It’s sad because I really love how the shoe feels otherwise!

Keigan - Instagram

I’m curious what Doctors of Running think of the variety of shoes runners use during recovery/for casual wear. Recovery slides are all the rage and  some swear by Birkenstocks. And what are we doing when we strap our big toe down in a pair of Chacos? Are there some running shoes when worn casually that actually do more harm than good?

Paul - Instagram

Good morning. Getting back into my running after an injury. Am now running with custom orthotics. What “super shoe” do you recommend for a half marathon with the orthotics. Also what one do you recommend for a first marathon? Thanks for the time and recommendation.

Bob - Instagram

Do you feel at the plates at 9-10 minute pace on Bondi X?

Toby - YouTube

What exercises would you recommend for someone training for their first marathon, both running workouts and strength training, and what racing shoes would you think would be good to finish a first marathon - no time, just more focused on completion. I have not trained past the half marathon distance yet, but want to try and look towards a spring marathon! 

Nick - Instagram

Just curious, is there any downside to having the torsion system take some of the plantar fascia load? Like could you experience problems after using adidas shoes for a while with the torsion system and then switching to a shoe with a less rigid midfoot?

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