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 rabbit Cold Weather Collection Review


The mornings of frost, snow, and ice are upon us. Today we take a look at some of the cold weather offerings from rabbit aimed at keeping you warm but still light and comfortable enough to perform at your highest level in cold conditions. Plus rabbit incorporates thumbholes into their apparel... which are universally awesome.  

Photo taken prior to frigid temps*
The cold weather collection from rabbit provides warmth from a couple of different avenues. They were nice enough to provide us with a sampler depending on where we lived regionally. Wisconsin native Nathan Brown received the several pieces of cold weather apparel including the Super Sleeves and Tightz 2.0. Santa Barbara still gets some mornings in the low 30's so David received the Super Sleeves.

Read on to check out the team's review of each item!

David Salas Body Type Profile: 
Height/Weight: 5'10''/135 #
Chest: 33in
Arm Length: 29in
Waist Circumference: 28in

Nathan Brown Body Type Profile: 
Height/Weight: 5'10"/155#
Chest: 38in
Arm Length: 29 in
Waist: 31in
Inseam: 32in
Thigh Diameter: 21in
Calf Diameter: 14.5in

rabbit Super Sleeves 


David (size medium): The Super Sleeves fit me true to size overall in my normal Men's Medium. The sleeves are a little on the long side, but do feature thumb holes to help keep your hands warm in cold conditions with or without gloves. The fit is pretty normal throughout and should accommodate a variety of body types. Those who do lean more on the thin end could potentially size down. The chest and armpit regions are a little spacious throughout, but not so much so that it interferes with performance. The wrists are taut enough to be able to roll up the sleeves if you begin to heat up during your run, but the sleeves do run best at full length. The length through the torso to the waist is dialed in really well. Overall a good fit with some spacious regions. Those who like a tighter performance fit could potentially size down. 

Nathan (size small): For most gear I wear a size medium, but having a small in both the Super Sleeves and the EZ tee LS were perfect for performance running. The fit around the chest is comfortable and accommodates my shoulders and chest well but is secure while running. The sleeves are purposefully longer so you can utilize the thumb holes without having to stretch the material. Even being a size down, the sleeves were long enough and fit perfectly. When I order another shirt, I'm sticking with a small. However, if you want a more relaxed fit, sizing up would be fine without making it too loose (see David's comments). The one comment is that the longer sleeves will "bunch" around your watch (if you use one) unless you use the thumb holes and just cover the watch, which means you can't see it for certain workouts or splits if you need to be checking it regularly.


David: The material utilized in the Super Sleeves is really soft and comfortable for virtually any type of wear. The material itself is breathable enough for most conditions, and to be honest if you are in the cold it will do just fine. It is a tad thicker than many of the other shirts on the market, but not so much that it feels overly warm or hot. I have run everything from daily training runs in these to mile repeats and long intervals in these at race caliber paces (4:55 to 5:10 mile pace) in these just fine with no irritation or chafing. The longest run I have done in these would be 14 miles and they held up great. When it gets cold I actually do use the thumbholes too... so there's that. Overall I am very pleased with the Super Sleeves in the performance category. Temperature range I find it most comfortable is 30 to 50 degrees. 

Nathan: Let's start with the material performance. Again, just like the EZ tee, rabbit has created one of the most comfortable shirts I've run in. This time in the Super Sleeves it is just a bit thicker for slightly colder temperatures. Living in Central Wisconsin, this won't be of much utility on its own through the winter months, but will be a great seasonal transition shirt. That said, it is very soft and forgiving on the skin and sensitive areas when putting in efforts, so it is a wonderful base layer for those colder days. I've had absolutely no skin irritation while running in this shirt, and the flexible material makes it feel like it disappears on your body.  



David: The rabbit Super Sleeves are very versatile. The material and long sleeve is light enough to where you can do workouts in it when you are in colder conditions, but also warm and thick enough to get cozy and do some easier efforts in it as well. The thumb holes do actually help with some heat retention when the weather gets cold outside. I've used this primarily in weather ranging from 30 to 50 degrees with good success. If you don't like thumbholes or the slightly long sleeves, you could also size down and have a more traditional performance fit.

As I mentioned above, this will be a great shirt for transitions in the fall and spring around here. Now that it is cold, it functions as a great base layer. That said, it isn't the warmest base layer and functions best for comfort. Given that I am sized down, it is easy to put on multiple base layers to get the required warmth while maintaining the comfort close to the skin. 


Nathan and David: The rabbit Super Sleeves are priced at $68.00 at full retail price. Though this is a little pricey for the long sleeve running apparel market, the shirt is quite versatile and worth it for the right person. Durability is of no concern. In these winter weeks we have worn it once a week for over a month and the shirt has been washed at least 6 times now (per shirt) and showing no signs of breakdown. If the aesthetics of the design, slightly spacious construction, and longer sleeves with thumbholes appeal to you this could be an excellent option to add to your apparel rotation. 

Recommendations and Conclusion

rabbit did a great job with the Super Sleeves. We found that the material is a great blend of softness, comfort, breathability, and weight for mild conditions. Overall it does great when the temperature is ranging from 30 to 50 degrees or being utilized as a potential base layer. The chest and armpit region can come off a little on the spacious side, but this should help accommodate a good fit for a large variety of people and body types (and fits with a performance feel if a size down). We are not sure the value is worth more than the EZ Heather Long Sleeve, but you can buy this knowing the shirt will last you a very long time with durability. 

GRADING (Super Sleeves): 

Fit: A- : Slightly spacious in the chest and armpit region, sleeves a tad long, though holes accomodate
Performance: A: The long sleeves performs great in 30-50 degree temperature range fast or slow
Materials: A: Incredibly comfortable and a great combination of thickness, softness, and weight for cold conditions
Personal: A- : I tend to like more performance tighter fitting apparel through the chest and armpits, but overall a great option
Value: A- : Very durable and performs well at a variety of disciplines, price point is just a tad high compared to competitors

Fit: A : Perfect fit for size down if you want performance fit, great fit for size up for relaxed fit
Performance: A: Disappears on the body and avoids irritating sensitive areas
Materials: A: Top notch comfort and durability so far
Personal: B : David is a big thumb whole fan...I usually use running gloves so these just kinda get in the way for me
Value: B : Between this and the EZ tee LS, I'd go EZ tee, which is cheaper and will get similar utility for me here in Wisconsin

rabbit Tightz 2.0 (tested by Nathan)

Fit/Comfort (size medium): The rabbit Tightz 2.0 is a 4-way stretch tight that is medium in weight and has adjustable features to help with fit for different body types -- including a draw string and zippers at the ankles. With my size of waist, thigh, and calf (see above measures), the tights fit very well without any areas that are too loose or tight. As I've used them more, the drawstring has come in handy to keep the waist comfortable (especially right after the holidays...). The ankle zippers are fantastic for putting them on and taking them off without having to "fight" the tight(z) in any way as well as adjusting socks as needed. The zipper has not has any irritation to the ankles and also has some grippy material to help keep them in place at the bottom of the pant. For me, it's a pair of tights that isn't noticeably tight or loose in any areas.

Performance: What I'm going to speak to here is mainly how it has performed at different temperatures. I have used them in everything from 34 deg F to -4 (yeah...negative 4) deg F without the need for additional layering. To be fair, my run in -4 deg was only for 30 minutes. If it were longer I would have wanted another jogger layer or at least some wind resistant briefs. I was impressed regarding how I didn't seem to overheat even in the more mild temperatures and it kept my legs functional at the more extreme cold temperatures. Again, for longer runs in anything single digits and in the negatives, I'd like to have an extra later of some kind for warmth, but I was impressed with how versatile these were in terms of temperatures they functioned well in.

Outside of temperature performance, they are also very secure and had no areas of rubbing throughout the entire leg during any of my runs. I even went on a run in very slushy conditions and got sprayed by a few trucks as they drove by and had no issues with irritability. The security also helps on faster efforts and workouts to keep the tights moving with you. It feels like an extension of your skin, as it should. Lastly, the back pocket is extremely functional. My iPhone SE fits securely in the back and is stable and not noticeable when running since there was no slippage. There was also a little extra room, so someone with something slightly larger should be okay. 

Price/Value: The rabbit tightz 2.0 come in at $100, which is in the middle to top end of the pack for pricing with some medium weight tights. The versatility that they've shown for temperatures (not too hot for mild winter days and sufficient for the more frigid ones) give them a lot of utility and will basically be all I need for probably >85% of winter. Additionally, the durability of the zippers, materials, and its ability to withstand washing make the value there at this price for those who have a full winter season. Speaking of washing, they keep it easy and there is no special wash instructions...and I quote, "machine wash cold, tumble dry low, don't bleach mmkay?"

Conclusion: If you're looking for a medium weight tight that can hand mild and more frigid winter days, the rabbit tightz 2.0 are a great and comfortable option. They have durable zippers and waist band adjustments which can help accommodate for different runners, adding a few "premium details" to help make it worth the little extra dough. Lastly, our first sample of rabbit gear (both cold and warm) has all been impressive, both the cold and warmer weather gear. They're worth checking out.

Fit: A : Flexible yet secure and comfortable
Performance: A: No hot spots
Materials: A: Good durability of the "at risk" areas like zippers
Personal: A: These are my go-to tights for almost all my winter running 
Value: A: This will get a lot of use for people who have full winter seasons

Thanks for reading!


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Dr. Matthew Klein is a 140 lb male with notable PRs of 14:45 for 5k and 2:32:44 for the full marathon.  He typically runs 70-100 miles per week and trains at a variety of paces from 8min per mile recovery runs to 4:40 per mile 1k repeats.  He prefers firmer and responsive shoes with snug heels and medium to wide toe boxes.  He is particular to less cushioned shoes and close to the ground shoes, but can handle a little cushion when he gets beat up.

Dr. David Salas is a 135 lb male with notable PRs ranging from 3:54 in the 1500m to 1:08:36 for half marathon. He typically runs 60 to 70 miles per week and trains from about 7:30 recovery runs to fast shorter efforts at 4:30 pace. He normally prefers neutral shoes with a firmer ride, but is completely open to other types of shoes.  He is a footwear enthusiast at heart and will always appreciate a high quality shoe when it comes around. For updates on training or testing, IG handle: @docsofrundavid

Dr. Brown is a 155 lb male with notable PRs of 18:18 5K, 39:25 10K, 1:29:01 half marathon, and 3:54 marathon. He typically runs between 20-40 miles per week at a variety of paces from 7:30-8:30 min/mile for recovery runs to 6-6:45 min/mile for tempo runs. He typically prefers shoes that provide some cushioning underfoot but still maintain a more firm and responsive feel. Current goals for 2020 are to break the 1.5 hour half marathon and 3:30 marathon. IG handle: @nate.docsofrunning

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Nathan Brown PT DPT MS
Doctor of Physical Therapy 
Masters in Anatomy and Clinical Health Science
Movement Performance Institute Certified in Advanced Functional Biomechanics 

David Salas PT DPT CSCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

***Disclaimer: These apparel items were provided free of charge in exchange for a review.  We thank the  people at rabbit for sending them to us..  This in no way affected the honesty of this review. We put at least 40-50 miles on clothing prior to reviewing them. Our views are based on our extensive history in the footwear industry and years testing and developing footwear. If you are a footwear or apparel rep looking for footwear reviews or consultations on development, we are currently looking to partner with companies to assist, discuss and promote footwear models. Partnership will not affect the honesty of our reviews.

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