2014 Year In Review and 2015 Plans

I started this blog back in January and have almost made it a full year.  A great deal has happened in 2014 in regards to school, running, shoes and more.  It's been intense!  So let's look at the stats regarding racing and shoes (aka what this blog focuses on).

Shoe Reviews: 18 (19 if you count my Asics DS Racer rejection)
Posts: 41 (42 if you count this one!)

Races: 26
5ks: 20
8ks: 1
5.3 mile race: 1
12ks: 2
Half Marathons: 2

Race Wins: 17
Race Top 3 Finish: 22
Course Records (official): 5 (6 if you count the fact that I  broke my own once).

Not bad right?  Especially for a DPT student.

School has been very intense but amazing at the same time.  I have come so far during this year alone as a student of this profession and as a clinician.  It is exciting to see things in a totally new light and think like a true clinician.  I am excited for not only the next 1.5 years of school but also for a lifetime of learning in this wonderful field.

Race wise I am going to attempt more half marathons.  I like the distance and do not plan to move up to the full for time, money and body integrity reasons.  I still have a great deal to work on in regards to my mechanics.  For the longest time I ignored my hip adductors and that has been haunting me for some time now.  I finally decided to start really working on not only my gastrocnemius length and strength but also my soleus muscles.  Both are important during running and walking gait.  I am fully aware now that a soleus range of motion restriction on my left side is altering my gait and messing with my left hip a bit.  With more experience under my belt I can look at the whole body as a working mechanism rather than getting focused on one particular part.  Each joint is connected in some manner to the larger kinetic chains that allow us to move normally (normal being a relative term).
    Back off of that tangent.  My racing plans will be more focused on half marathon and 10k races.  I'll still do 5ks because they are great sources of speedwork, but I know my body is better at slightly longer distances.  I am not going to make any promises, but I have continued to eye ultra distances.  At most in the near future I would attempt a 50k, but again no promises.
    The marathon is a beast I am not ready for.  Mostly because I hate taking breaks.  Half marathons you can still run through with easy running and slowly introducing workouts.  Full marathons seem to require time off (depending on your body).  I would like to be a good masters runner, so the marathon I will leave alone.  Now I can go jog a marathon, but racing is a different story.  Ultramarathons are endurance events that you can't run at 5:30 pace (unless you are Max King.... then you're a bit different).  As always nothing is set in stone... so we'll see what happens!

Shoe wise 2015 is going to be an interesting year.  I am excited for what is coming on the market and here is a list of things I will either review or try:

Future Shoe Try-Ons and Possible Reviews:

Hoka Huaka (REVIEW)
Nike Structure 18
Nike Lunarspider R5 (currently working mileage on them)
Nike Lunar Launch (review coming soon.  Still working on mileage in these).
Nike Terra Kiger 2
Nike Zoom Fly 2
Adidas Tempo 7 Boost (Returned.  Forefoot way too narrow)
Adidas Takumi Sen 3 Boost
Adidas Takumi Ren 3 Boost
Mizuno Wave Ekiden 9
Saucony Nomad TR
Saucony Zealot

And as always many more will be added to that list.

2014 was a great year and I am very excited to see what 2015 brings.  I will finish up my classroom/didactic learning in DPT school, I'll have my first 12 week clinical rotation, and so much more school wise.  Running wise who knows?  I'll just keep training hard, doing those longer tempos, hitting the repeats and running steep, hilly trails.  Hopefully I'll be able to be more consistent but with grad school who knows what is going to happen.

And the last thing?  I'm going to try to post more physical therapy related stuff.  Hopefully this is educational to those who read this blog as I know it will help reinforce my own knowledge.  

Alright 2015.  You're not quite here yet and 2014 has some time left, but I have big plans for you.  Let's see what happens.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

As always, my views are my own.  

-Matt Klein, SPT