Training Log 11/9 to 11/22

So I've been slacking on updating the blog a bit over the last few weeks.  In my defense, it is finals season in DPT school, so school is taking over my life even more than it normally does.  However I'm taking a short break after finishing two early finals (the last one was neuro on Friday, which was not fun but I'm happy it's over) to post what I've been doing training wise.  It's been a good two weeks with two races and two victories.  Here's what happened.

11/9 to 11/15

SUN Total: 17.38 miles.
AM: 17.38 mile Long Run averaging 7:34 pace.  Legs are tired from my win and course record at the Into the Wild 12k Trail Championships.   Still got some mileage in!
PM:  Nothing.  Legs tired and trying to recover.

MON Total: 10 miles
AM: 10 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:13 pace.  Legs a bit beat.
PM:  Nothing.  Studying for a final

TUE Total:  10 miles
AM: 10 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:19 pace.  Legs still a little toasted.
PM: 45 minutes on the Elliptigo while studying.  In case you forget I had one, here's my REVIEW.

WED Total:  11.05 miles
AM: 11.05 miles.  8 mile tempo run in 45:31 averaging 5:41.  I've been doing tempos in downtown Pomona, which is not the most condusive place for tempo runs, but it does force me to make a good number of turns, mimicking many race conditions.  All I care about is the effort though and although I was tired this one was good.  Splits: 5:39, 5:42, 5:44, 5:40, 5:43, 5:41, 5:38, 5:39.  Stayed in a good rhythm and tried not to go too much into the red zone.  A good workout overall.
PM:  Nothing exhausted from the morning and a final in the afternoon.

THUR Total:  10 miles
AM: 10 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:03 pace. Legs feeling a bit better.
PM: Nothing.  Busy afternoon.

FRI Total: 11.01 miles
AM: 8.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:11 pace
PM: 3 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:37 pace.  I really just did this run to get some pre-race run strides in because I didn't do them during the AM.

SAT  Total: 10.05 miles
AM: RACE Say No To Drugs 5k at Universal Studios.  1st place overall in 16:12.  This was a great but very hilly course with sharp turns.  Another guy took it out hard but I blew by him before the half mile mark because he was dying on the steep hills.  This was a really cool race through the Universal Studios back lot.  I ran through so fast the first time I jogged the course again while doing a post run sprint fartlek to check everything out.  A great day!
PM: Nothing.  Recovery and studying.

Total: 80.04 miles

I realize my mileage is coming down a bit due to studies, but I am supplementing my second run either with an Elliptigo ride or strength training.  Definitely realizing I have a good number of weakness that need addressing.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, I need to take care of these to gain more experience for my future patients..... also so I can run faster.

Shoes Used: Brooks Ravenna 5 for mileage (review soon),  Brooks T7 Racer for workouts and the Mach 15 for the race (I had an old pair lying around that I decided to use.  Luckily the spike receptacles didn't get in the way of a road race!).

11/16 to 11/22

SUN Total: 23.83 miles
AM: 20.01 mile Long Run averaging 7:10 pace.  A surprisingly comfortable long run in the AM.  Felt great.  Took GUs at 45 and 90 minutes.
PM: 3.82 mile Shake-Out Run averaging 7:52 pace.  Legs a little more beat up.

MON Total: 12.8 miles
AM: 9.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:08 pace.
PM: 3.79 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:43 pace.

TUE Total: 9.01 miles
AM: 9.01 miles.  6 Mile Tempo Run in 34:13 averaging 5:42 with 8 diagonals after.  Splits: 5:42, 5:45, 5:43, 5:44, 5:48, 5:37, 5:36.  My legs did not feel good this morning but I did this anyway.  Did some diagonal strides in the gravel parking lot after as part of the cool down.  First run in the Saucony Fastwitch 6 in a while (Review).  Shoes felt good.  Legs did not.
PM: Nothing.  Studying.

WED Total: 11 miles
AM: 11 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:03.  Legs feeling ok.
PM: Nothing.  Studying.

THUR Total:  8.01 miles
AM: 8.01 miles.  Combo Workout: Fartlek 5x 1min On 1 min Off, 10 minute Tempo, Fartlek 5x1min On 1 min Off.  This was a cool workout.  I only meant to do some quick 1 minute intervals to get some speed in the legs, but decided part way through to shake things up a bit.  I really like these workouts because they are hard!  They throw my rhythm off and force me to dig to deep.  Hopefully I'll do more of these!
PM:  Nothing.  Studying for my Neuro final tomorrow.

FRI Total: 10.01 miles
AM: 5.01 mile Pre-Race Run averaging 7:18 pace.
PM: 5 mile Pre-Race Run averaging 7:35 pace with strides.

SAT  Total: 9.35 miles
AM: RACE Fit4Fall Bryan Clay 5k.  1st Place overall in a course record of 15:52 on a slightly long course (I had 3.15 miles.  Others had longer).  This was a great race.  Long uphill and downhills.  I took off after the first turn onto the long uphill and held on from there.  On the downhill I had to work on keeping my turnover high and not trying to lengthen my stride, which is what I do especially when I'm tired and end up slowing down.  I pulled out the Takumi Sen 2s again and they performed great.  So much pop from a shoe (review coming soon).  It was cool to meet Bryan Clay (olympic and world decathlon champion) and the race was a really good effort!  Especially because I hadn't slept the previous two nights from the neuro exam and then I went to see Bastille at the Fox Theater on Friday night.  And I drank a lot of beer after the exam and some at the concert.  But I won so who cares. A great week.
PM: Nothing.  Mexican food.

Total:  84.01 miles

Another good week despite the stress from my Neuro Final.  I need to get more intervals, but I don't want to skimp on tempos, so I'll be doing more combo workouts.  I'm going to get onto a more Yuki Kawauchi style of trying to maximize single runs throughout the week while I continue to work on strength training in the evening.  I already have a gigantic base from the years of 90-100 mile weeks, so I figure I'll keep working to iron out all my biomechanical weaknesses.  If any of you have seen me run, you know it's not efficient.  It just gets the job done because I gut through everything.  Let's see what happen when I add proper biomechanics to being able to gut things out in a race.

Shoes: Brooks Purecadence 3 (REVIEW) for mileage (I love this shoe), Saucony Fastwitch 6 for workouts and the Adidas Takumi Sen 2 for the race (review soon).

So that's what's been going on the last two weeks.  Continuing to race and put in decent workouts while I survive DPT school.  The next few weeks will be a bit rough as I continue through finals, but I'll continue to get some work in.  We'll see what happens!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

-Matthew Klein, SPT