Training Log 11/2 to 11/8

Another great week.  I changed things up a bit trying to run longer during my first run of the day and only did one workout other than my race.  The catch was that the workout was really a 2 in 1.  Combined a tempo run and hill repeats.  Felt great but was very tired.  I'm going to keep doing this for a bit to see what happens.  Mostly because I've started racing and I want to have at least 2 days between each workout/race and still get some mileage in. Anyway, here's what happened.

SUN Total: 18.02 miles
AM: 18.02 mile Long Run averaging 6:54 pace.  Another good quality long run just like last week.
PM: Nothing. Rest.  Trying to enjoy my Birthday!

MON Total: 14.21 miles
AM: 10 mile Normal Run averaging 6:55 pace.  Feel great even after yesterday.
PM: 4.21 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:03 pace.

TUES Total: 11.2 miles
AM: 11.2 mile Longer Recovery Run averaging 7:26 pace.  Legs are tired.
PM: Nothing.  Tired

WED Total: 15 miles
AM: 10.14 miles.  Double Workout: 4 Mile Tempo Run in 22 minutes followed by 8x30 sec Hill Repeats with 1:30 rest.  Tempo splits were 5:29, 5:25, 5:39, 5:27. Hill Repeats were fast!  This was such a high quality workout.  Next week I'm going to try a tempo/fartlek double.
PM: 4.86 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:00 pace.  Ran to Metro Honda to pick up my car.  Was having the window repaired after someone broke in to steal an unmarked box containing shoes that I was returning through the mail.  

THUR Total: 19.12 miles
AM: 10.01 mile Longer Recovery Run averaging 7:08 pace.  Legs a little tired.
PM 1: 3.66 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:19 pace.  Break from studying
PM 2: 5.45 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 8:11 pace.  Another break from studying.

FRI Total: 12 miles
AM: 8 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:11 pace.
PM:  4 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:24 pace.  Was supposed to lay low for the race tomorrow but decided to break in a new pair of Brooks T7 racers.

SAT Total: 12.12 miles
AM: Into The Wild 12k Trail Championships.  1st Place, broke my own course record.  7.56 miles in 47:48.  Very challenging but beautiful course.  Had someone with me over the first 1.5 miles, but kept hammering away.  Legs got really beat up during this race.  Well over 1000 feet of elevation gain.
PM:  Nothing.  Legs very tired

Total: 101.67 miles.  First week over a 100 in a while!

Shoes Used: Brooks Ravenna 5 for mileage and Brooks T7 used for workouts and the race.

Such a great week.   The double workout on Wednesday and getting the win and CR on Saturday was great.  First time over 100 miles in a few weeks and it felt good!  I really want to work on having some longer runs in the morning just to keep working on aerobic stuff along with an intense workout Wednesday and race Saturday.  My body felt good this week, so I'll try this out for a bit to see what happens.  I'll be doing a few more races here and a schedule will be up soon.

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All my thoughts are my own.

-Matthew Klein, SPT