Training Log 10/26 to 11/1

Apologies for this being a bit late.  I'll post this last week's training next.  This biggest thing that started during this segment was that I got a really high quality long run in.  I managed 20 miles this time whereas most weeks as you may have seen I'l end up doing more like 14-15.  I hope to keep these runs in the 17-20 mile range from here on out not only to keep my mileage up, but also to really make sure I get that long endurance stimulus.  Let's see what happens.  Anyway, here's what happened from 10/26 to 11/1.

SUN Total: 20.01 miles
AM: 20.01 mile Long Run averaging 6:52 pace.  Really awesome long run that took me up and past the Claremont Wilderness.  Took GUs at 45 minutes and 90 minutes.
PM: None.  Legs feeling good though!

MON Total: 12.04 miles
AM: 8.7 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:18 pace.  Legs are very tired from yesterday.
PM: 4.02 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:02 pace.  Legs feeling better.

TUES Total: 12.89 miles
AM: 35 minute Tempo Run.  6.2 miles averaging 5:38 pace.  Splits: 5:44, 5:52, 6:00, 5:30, 5:28, 5:26.  Kinda messed this workout up but got quality in.  Not sure what happened at mile 2 and 3.  Overall average good, so next time I'll try to be more consistent.
PM: 4.19 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:06.

WED Total:11.38 miles
AM: 7.36 miles.  Short Hill Repeats 8x20 second sprint with 2 minutes rest.  Great workout.  Good knee drive and turnover.
PM: 4.02 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:19 pace.  Legs tired.

THUR Total: 12.05 miles
AM: 8 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:15 pace.
PM: 4.05 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:21 pace.

FRI Total: 12.33 miles
AM: 7 miles.  Fartlek 15x1 min Hard 1 min Easy.  10 minute warm-up.  Really got moving but stayed in control. Quality workout.
PM: 5.33 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:46 pace.  Felt tired but good.

SAT Total: 14 miles
AM: Nothing.  Studied and ate.
PM: 14 mile Long Run averaging 6:38 pace.  This was surprisingly high quality.  Ran around Bonelli park on a hilly course and still managed this after yesterday and this week.  Surprise uptempo longer run.

Total: 94.7 miles.

Shoes Used:  Brooks Ravenna 5 (Mileage, Hills and Fartlek), Brooks ST5 (Tempo Run) and Brooks T7 Racer (one of the Shake Out Runs.  Breaking this shoe in for workouts and races).

And that's what happened!  Another quality week between the awesome longer tempo (with a bit of a bump in the middle), hill repeats and that fartlek.  I guess I can also count that uptempo longer run on Saturday too!  I'm just going to keep putting in the work and see how fast I can get!  I'm probably going to jump into a few races in the upcoming weeks, including the Into The Wild 12k Trail Championships.  A full schedule will be up soon.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

All thoughts are my own.

-Matthew Klein, SPT