Training Log 9/14 to 10/4

So I was supposed to post my weekly training.... every week.  Let's see if I can get back on that.  DPT school has been pretty busy with at least one exam every week in addition to all the other assignments, quizzes and studying I have to do.  So I've been a little preoccupied.  However, I'm going to try to keep on posting weekly updates.  So I'm going to post the last month of training in one go here.  I finished up 6 weeks of hill works and have transitioned into intervals.  Curious to see what happens at the end of this training cycle as it's the first one I've really done since college!

So here's what I've been doing the last (almost) month.

9/14 to 9/20

SUN Total: 21.57 miles
AM: 15.19 mile Long Run averaging 7:18 per mile.  Hot as hell (97 degrees) because I started late...
PM: 6.38 mile  Shake Out Run with a friend of mine.  Legs tired from the morning

MON Total: 12.11 miles
AM:  8.57 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:05 per mile.  Nothing remarkable.
PM:  3.54 Shake Out Jog averaging 7:29.  Legs still a bit tired from Sunday

TUES Total: 13.02 miles
AM: 8 miles: Hill Repeats 10x200m Uphill and 10x200m Downhill alternating between the two with 100m rest.  Went really well.  Definitely seeing some benefit from the hill workouts
PM: 5.02 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:34 per mile.  Legs tired.

WED Total: 14.04 miles
AM: 10.01 mile recovery run w/ 4 miles w/ a friend.  Average 7:13 pace.  Legs doing ok.
PM: 4.03 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:16.

THU Total: 12.02 miles
AM:  8 miles: Hill Down-Ups 16x210m.  200m with 100m downhill and then immediately 100m uphill w/ 100m rest between reps.  I love this workout because it messes with my body and forces it to adapt to the change of downhill and then uphill.
PM: 4.02 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:16 miles.

FRI Total: 11.1 miles
AM: 7.01 miles averaging 6:31 pace.  Legs feeling good today.
PM: 4.09 miles averaging 6:44 pace.  Legs feeling good today.  Reading to hammer tomorrow

SAT Total: 9.02
AM: 9.01 miles.  Uphill Trail Tempo:  3.55 miles in 28 minutes w/ 1700ft elevation gain.  Averaged 7:40 pace.  Very happy with this.  Hurt like hell, but ran ~14 seconds per mile faster than when I did this last time.  Did this workout on the route up to Potato Mountain near the Claremont Wilderness.
PM:  Nothing.  Legs f*cked up.  Well earned rest.

Weekly Total: 92.87 miles, 3 great workouts.  Very happy with the progress.

9/21 to 9/27

SUN Total:  13.09 miles
AM:  7.51 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:49 pace.  Legs tired from yesterday so I decided to skip a long run this week.
PM: 5.58 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:08 pace.  Legs really felt sluggish.

MON Total: 15.1 miles
AM: 9.09 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:24 pace.  I just felt like crap today.  Still got the miles in.
PM: 6.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:21 pace.  Little more relaxed than the morning.

TUES Total: 12.04 miles
AM:  7.42 miles: Hill Repeats 10x200m Uphill and 10x200m Downhill alternating between the two with 100m rest.  These went really well.   Went from averaging 5:20 mile pace down to 4:40 pace on the uphills and 5 minute pace to 4:10 pace on the downhills.  Getting better!
PM:  4.62 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:02 pace.  Feeling way better than the previous two days.

WED Total: 14.03 miles
AM:  10.02 mile Recovery Run w/ 6.6 miles with a friend.  Averaged 7:16 miles.
PM:  4.01 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:31 miles.  Yesterday catching up with me a bit.

THU Total:  11.57 miles
AM: 7.5 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:18 pace.
Noon: 1.5 hour plyometrics lab for my Therapeutic Exercise class.  Legs very tired.  A little worried about the race Saturday.... but it is really just another hill workout
PM:  4.07 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:26.  Good lord my legs are tired

FRI Total:  3 miles
AM:  3 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:35 pace.  Legs are so tired from yesterday's plyometric lab.... figure I need a recovery day.  Starting to get sick.  Sinuses aching, massive headache and my nose won't stop running.  Still going to race tomorrow.
PM:  Nothing.  Legs shot.

SAT Total: 11.4 miles
AM: Megan Savage Memorial 5k:  1st place in 16:08.  Did 8x150m hill sprints after the race.  Totaled 11.4 miles.  This is a great race and I set the course record last year.  Glad to be able to defend my title.  There is not a single meter of flat.  It's a mile uphill, 1.1 miles downhill and then another mile uphill.  Tough course.  No idea how I ran 15:51 there last year.  Used this race as a hill workout.  Great day.
PM:  Nothing.  Body is fried.  Very sick.  Totally worth it though.

Defended my title, got the win and had my first race in the Adidas Takumi Sen 2s!

Total:  80.23 miles.  Not bad for only running 3 miles on one of the days.  Last week of hill workouts.  The Megan Savage Memorial 5k was a great way to cap this hill training segment.  Now onto to intervals!

9/28 to 10/4

SUN Total: 13.59 miles
AM:  13.59 mile Long Run averaging 7:27 pace.  Legs a little cranky.  Basically a long recovery run.
PM:  Nothing.  Lots of studying as usual.

MON Total: 10.68 miles
AM:  8.07 mile Recovery averaging 7:08 pace.  Legs doing ok.
PM:  2.61 mile Shake Out Jog.  Didn't get the time on this one.

TUES Total: 9.53 miles
AM:  8.03 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:03 pace.  Legs ok.
PM:  1.5 miles.  Stress test for my Therapeutic Exercise and Cardio-Pulmonary Classes.  Hopefully this doesn't affect my workout tomorrow too much.  Also I outlasted the stress test so they didn't get an accurate measure on my VO2 max.

WED Total: 11.67 miles
AM:  9.5 miles.  Intervals 15x400m @ 72 seconds w/ 70 seconds rest.  71, 75, 73, 73, 72, 71, 72, 71, 72, 71, 72, 72, 72, 73, 72.  Average of 72.  This went really well.  Tried to keep things under control and not blow my load on any of them.
PM:  2.17 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:37 pace.  My legs are tired!!

THU Total: 12.56 miles
AM:  8.52 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:02 pace.  Legs are doing good.
PM:  4.04 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:21 pace.  Legs are not doing as good.

FRI Total: 11.01 miles
AM:  8.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:54 pace.  Glad to be able to average under 7 minute pace again.  Not focused on it.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.
PM:  3 mile Shake Out Jog averaging 7:48.  Ran with a really fast female 1st year DPT student.  Going to see if I can get her racing again.

SAT Total:  11.5 miles
AM: Conquer the Canyon/Wildcat Open/Brea XC Invite Open Race:  1st place in 15:53.  Awesome XC course that was quite hilly.  Dropped the pack with a mile to go and held on for the win.  Did a 17x 30sec hard 1 min easy Fartlek after.  Great quality day.  Met some awesome people.  11.5 miles total.  Today taught me that I need to focus on racing instead of times.  I was sitting in 5th place relaxed and comfortable at the mile mark and slowly worked my way up.  Then I struck when we went around a corner and gutted it out.  Felt so awesome to really compete rather than run a time trial.  Of course this was not the kind of course to attempt a PR on.  Really hilly course with grass, dirt, road, hills and everything in between.  If I race though, the times will come.  It's only taken me 5 years to realize that.  I can hear my college coach calling me a "dumbass" right now (that was my nickname when he was mad at me.  Usually the team called me "Kleiner") because he has told me that so many times.
PM:  Nothing.  Legs are shot and I need to study as usual.

Total:  80.54 miles.  Not as much as I would like but I am getting some high quality stuff in despite how hard school is right now.  Too many exams, practicals, assignments and studying!!!

Summary:  These have been a great couple of weeks.  Very excited about the transition to interval work for 6 weeks.  So much great quality that I think has been enhanced by only doing 2 hard workouts per week instead of 3.  I did 3-4 hard workouts every week last year that got me in shape really fast.  However I ended up getting hurt and losing some fitness right during the middle of October and didn't race for a while.  So this year I'm hoping to play it smart and focus on these training cycles instead of just trying to peak every race.  I am still racing often, but I am using them as workouts and learning opportunities for racing.  That and I'm just trying to win free stuff... like shoes... which are expensive... especially when you are a graduate student.  So let's see where this goes!!

 I'll post my training week of 10/5-10/11 next.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

-Matthew Klein, SPT