Training Log 10/19 to 10/25

Another week in the books!  I'm taking a break from racing to put in some solid work.  I may transition to running longer races (10k-HM) for my goal races.  Or I will just continue doing what I've been doing.  We'll see what happens.  Had several high quality workouts this week ranging from an introductory 4 mile tempo run to an awesome Fartlek on Friday.

SUN Total: 20.31 miles
AM: 14.04 mile Long Run averaging 6:58.
PM: 6.26 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:29 with a friend.

MON Total: 11.04 miles
AM: 6.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:50 pace.  Accidentally woke up late so I had to cut it short.
PM: 5.01 mile run.  Speed Workout 8x100m All Out Sprints with 300m rest.  Definitely need to do some true speed work, so this was a little experiment.  Made sure to take at least ~2ish minutes rest between reps.  Really got the legs moving after feeling sluggish this morning.

TUES Total: 13.85 miles
AM: 6.01 miles.  4 Mile Tempo Run averaging 5:34:  5:45, 5:30, 5:29, 5:33.  Definitely should have had more than a 1.5 mile warm-up, but was time crunched due to an 8 AM class.  Other than that this was some great quality put in for my first tempo run in a while.
PM 1: 4.04 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:52 pace.
PM 2: 3.8 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:55 pace.  Run with a friend.  A decent 3-a-day!

WED Total: 10.99 miles
AM: 7.47 miles.  Short Hill Repeats 8x20 second repeats with 2 min rest.  Great workout.  Felt fast despite yesterday.
PM: 3.52 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:27 pace.  Legs a bit tired from the last three days.

THUR Total: 11.19 miles
AM: 7.59 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:16 pace.
PM: 3.6 mile Shake-Out Jog averaging 7:34 pace.  Legs are tired.

FRI Total: 13.89 miles
AM:  8.88 miles.  Fartlek 5x3min ON 2min Off in trainers.  This was a fantastic workout.  Definitely doing all my longer intervals as fartleks from now on.  Didn't worry about pace and just focused on effort.  More of my future work will be based on time.
PM: 4.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 6:41 pace.  I'm feeling really good today!

SAT Total: 7 miles
AM: 7 mile Horrible Run averaging 7:26.  Extremely nauseous and sick.  Bad headache but still went for a run.  Definitely a recovery day today.
PM:  Nothing.  Still nauseous/sick.  Recovering.

Total Mileage: 87.27 miles
Shoes used: Brooks Adrenaline 14, Brooks Ravenna 5 (transition full time to this shoe as my trainer) and the Brooks ST 5 (Tempo Run and Sprints)

So other than Saturday this week was awesome.  Two great workouts with two awesome speed/strength workouts.  I really like this schedule and may keep it for the next few weeks.  I'm not really sure about my racing plans other than probably going after the Into The Wild 12k Championships in November and maybe the Holiday Half Marathon in Portland in December.  I am going to start doing longer tempos to get ready, but mostly I just want to get my body a little more used to those longer distances (again).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

-Matthew Klein, SPT