Training Log 10/12 to 10/18

Another week in the  books.  Had a bit of a calf injury right after the Chapman U 5k last Saturday (seems to be an irritation of the insertion of the left achilles tendon on the posterior lateral side) which also happened last year around this time.  It's not bad and has not stopped me from running, mostly because I went back to my trusty Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14s (Review Here) and they have kept my ankles/achilles happy.  Interestingly enough, when this happened last year I got my first pair of Adrenalines and was able to keep training.  Beside the fact that I have been messing around in very neutral and unstable shoes (Adidas Glide Boosts, which I love, but are probably what caused this because of the instability in my ankles which I have not addressed.  I know I should be training in supportive shoes and racing in neutral shoes, but I have a hard time following my own directions), I was also doing fairly hard interval training at that time as well.  This has made me rethink this 6 week isolated training plan I've been following of doing long runs, then hills, then intervals.  Other than being boring, doing only intervals has injured me before.  Luckily this time I know enough as a 2nd DPT student to treat myself well enough to keep training, however in the last year this has sidelined me twice where I was not able to run for a week.  I am not usually injury prone, but now that I am on my own training wise, I am beginning to learn what works for my body and what doesn't.  The conclusion I've come to is that my body tends to like a variety of things with a focus on tempo runs, hill repeats of different varieties, and short reps like 150-300s for speed.  Intervals are to be sprinkled in their sparingly.  Last time I did this I ran 15:13 on a legit course (Magic Shoe) almost out of the blue when I didn't think I was in that kind of shape.  So instead of hoping for immediate results following 18 weeks of some set plan with little variation and not hitting all the bases, I'm going to settle into doing what hopefully works for me.  I know I won't see immediate results, but 2-3 years down the line I'm hoping for big things if I just put in the work.

Who knows.  I may change my mind as I am prone to do.  If that happens, at least you'll get to read about something interesting!

Anyway, here's what happened last week.

SUN Total: 22.96 miles
AM:  15.01 mile Long Run averaging 7:32 pace.  A casual long recovery run with a friend.  A bit sore from the Chapman U 5k and the workouts I did immediately after.  Cautious of the left achilles.
PM: 7.95 mile Easy Recovery Run averaging 8:58 pace.  Easy Run with a female classmate.  Accidentally ended up making the run longer than it was supposed to be.  Achilles doing ok on the run.  Tight after.

MON Total: 13.11 miles
AM: 8.09 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:06 pace.  Legs remember the Adrenaline.  I love this shoe.
PM: 5.02 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:21 pace.  Legs tired, probably from running 23 miles Sunday.....

TUES Total 12.42 miles
AM: 7.41 miles.  30 minute Informal Fartlek.  This is one of my favorite workouts.  No time constraints, just focusing on my body, breathing and rhythm.  I go when I feel good, rest when I don't.  Another workout that has paid big dividends in the past.  I'll progress this up to 50 minutes through the next month.  Today felt awesome.  Very smooth even running in 11 ounce stability shoes.  Always amazed that the Adrenaline can handle these workouts well.
PM: 5.01 mile Shake Out Run averaging 7:03 pace.  Legs great.  Had to take a break from study for my neuro exam tomorrow.

WED Total: 16.1 miles
AM 1:  4 mile Shake Out Run averaging 7:10 pace.  Pre-exam run.
PM 1: 9.01 mile Progression Run.  This came from exam frustration and was not planned.  My splits for the run were 7:30, 7:13, 6:42, 6:57, 6:17, 5:33, 5:45, 5:38, 5:32.  Really did some work the last 4 miles.  Also done in the Adrenalines.  I need more workouts like this.  That was actually some decent quality after yesterday!
PM 2: 3.1 mile Shake Out Run averaging 8:06 pace.  Easy run with a female friend.

THUR Total: 12.03 miles
AM: 8.01 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:10 pace.  Legs tired and stiff.  Not surprising.
PM: 4.02 mile Recovery Run averaging 7:13 pace.  Legs loosening up a bit.

FRI Total: 6.07 miles.
AM: 6.07 mile Pre-Race run averaging 7:02 pace.
PM:  Nothing.  Rest.

SAT Total: 11 miles
AM: APU Homecoming 5k: 1st place in 15:06.  Actual course length was 2.97 miles.  Didn't have any competition for this race.  First two miles were nice with gradual long uphills and downhills.  The last mile was through Azusa's campus with a ton of quick turns.  Still managed to negative split the race (or I should say tempo run).  5:14, 5:05, 4:47 for last 0.97 mile even through those turns.  11 miles total.  Decided not to do a second workout after and just let my body recover.  It's been a rough week mentally and physically from my neuro exam.
PM: Rest and beer.

Total Weekly Mileage:  93.7 miles.
Shoes Used: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 (Training/Workouts) and Adidas Takumi Sen 2 (Race)

So that's what happened!  My whole goal for the race was to win and get the free pair of shoes that were being offered to the top overall male and female runners.  Definitely going to race to race from here on out.  I've mentioned this a bit over the last few weeks, but it is so much more fun race for a win than a time.  I have wasted too much energy over time.  If I do happen to get into a fast race and PR, so be it.  Not going to lose sleep over it.

Excited to get some tempo runs in and do more long informal fartleks like I used to.  Excited for the future!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

-Matthew Klein, SPT.