Training Log 9/7 to 9/13

I've decided to start posting my training both for those who want to know what I am doing and to also keep myself accountable.  DPT school is my top priority right now, so although I'm still going to get the training in sometimes I don't get as much as I could.  I'm never going to stop running as not only is it an integral part of my soul now, but I'm pretty sure the cumulative soreness would kill me.  This also will keep my accountable with my training plans.  The last year I haven't had much of a plan.  I'd just do random workouts and then race as much as I could.  Before my first half marathon I did a few race specific workouts (by that I mean I did two 10 mile tempos and a 2x30 minute tempo.  That's it.) but really it's just been whatever I've felt like doing.

So now I'm trying to get on some sort of program.  Right now I'm trying an adapted Lydiard program.  By adapted I mean I'm still not completely following the program because I young, stupid and stubborn.  Mostly the first and last one.  I did about 6 weeks of just mileage and tempo runs and now have transitioned into the 4th week of mostly hill workouts and hilly tempos.  I'm messing with Arthur Lydiard's transition of Mileage to Hill Work to Speed Work.  Am I doing it exactly or even close to what he explains?  No.  I've only done one Lydiard Hill Circuit.  The rest have been mostly up and downhill repeats, hilly tempo runs and two very hilly races.  So I'm more flirting with a plan than anything, but it's better than nothing.   I'm going to do 2 more weeks of hill based stuff, then I'll transition to 200s, 300s and 400 repeats along with flying 150s to work on speed for 6 weeks.  It's just one big experiment.  If it works I'll repeat the cycle (with rest).  If not I'll change and actually try to follow a real plan (gasp) for once.

So here is my training for 9/7 to 9/13

 AM: Long Run: 14 miles in 1:50:25.  Average Pace: 7:53.   Drills done after.
        Notes:  Legs were shot after doing a 3 mile uphill tempo followed by a 3 mile downhill tempo followed by 2 miles at half marathon pace on Saturday.  This definitely was a long recovery run and is the slowest run I've done in a while.

AM:  Recovery Run: 8.51 miles in 1:01:46.  Average Pace 7:16.  Drills done after.  
PM: Recovery Run: 4.71 miles in 34:22.  Average pace 7:18.  Drills done after.

AM:  Hill Repeats 10x200m Uphill and Downhill Repeats (10 each).   100m rest between each.
     Total: 8.01 miles
       Notes: Working on strength and durability via uphill and downhill repeats.  Every 200m uphill repeat was followed by 100m jog recovery and then a very fast 200m downhill repeat.  Another 100m recovery jog and I would hit another set.  Again.  Just trying things.
PM: Recovery Run: 4.04 miles in 28:47.  Average Pace 7:07.  Drills done after.

AM:  Recovery Run: 8.36 miles in 1:01:34.  Average Pace: 7:23.  Drills done after.
PM: Nothing.  I bitched out.  Too tired from class 8am to 5pm.

AM: Tempo Run 4 miles on Rolling Hills in 22:15.  Average Pace 5:33.
     Total: 8.65 miles.
      Notes:  Did this perfectly.  Not too fast and not too slow despite not feeling great.  The rolling hills make things difficult and mentally challenging.
PM:  Recovery Run w/ 12xDiagonals:  3.35 miles in 24:54.  Average Pace 7:26.
        Notes: Just a thing I'll doing at night where instead of jogging I'll run diagonals on a  gravel parking lot just south of where I live.  The diagonals are about 100m.  Good way to get blood flowing and not slog through an easy night jog.

AM:  Recovery Run: 9 Miles in 1:02:14.  Average Pace 6:55.  Drills done after
      Notes: Somehow got some 6:20 miles in there.  Did not mean to do that.  Trying to keep the recovery runs easy.
PM: Shake-Out Jog: 3.01 miles in 20:52.  Average Pace 6;55.
     Notes:  Meant to go longer but waited too long before a group meeting.  95 degrees outside.

AM:  Recovery Run followed by 10x210m Hill Down-Ups.  100m rest between repetitions.
      Total: 11.02 miles
      Notes:  Ran with a friend but wanted some hill work.  I've done this before where I supplement this workout onto easy runs.  This hill has a 100m downhill followed immediately by a 100m uphill.  So I'll run fast down the downhill and power up the uphill with 100m rest at both ends.   I also like doing this after short 3 mile tempos.
PM:  Nothing.  Again I bitched out but spent 12 hours straight working on my research project for DPT school.  Got a lot done on that!

Total Mileage: 82.66

I did get 3 days of quality in there so not a half bad week!  I'm still wimping out on a few second runs here and there.  I'm not as intense as I used to be hammering 100-120 miles a week with workouts, but school has done me in a bit.  Maybe I can get more quality out doing 80-90 miles a week.  Again this is one big experiment!  Let's see what happens.

More related to the blog, the above picture has my current shoe rotation.  From the left I have the Mizuno Wave Ekiden, Adidas Adios Boost 2, Newton Kismet, Adidas Supernova Sequence 7 Boost and the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 2.  I've already reviewed the Adios Boost 2 (review here) and am working on the others.  The Sequence Boost review should be up soon (school permitting) and I am still putting mileage on the other three.  The Takumi Sen 2 I've wanted to try for a long time but never had the guts to get my hands on.  I'm saving them for my first big race and maybe a workout soon.  Just walking around in them is a dream.  So I'm pretty excited to have them.  The Newton Kismet is turning out to be a fantastic shoe.  As in better than the Kinvara 5.  That's a big deal.  And those Wave Ekidens are the Wave Universe 4's big cousin.  To be honest I didn't completely like the Universe 5 (review here) and the Ekidens are everything the Universe 4 was with just a bit more.  Which means I really like them because the Mizuno Wave Universe 4 is my current favorite racing flat of all time.  Although that may change when I put some mileage and races on the Takumi Sen 2.

There are some good things to come!  Stay tuned for a training log update next week along with my review of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 7 Boost (hopefully).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Tack On!

-Matt Klein, SPT